CFL players that made it big in the NFL

I want to know some CFL players that made it big in the NFL after beening in the CFL.

I want to throw some names at my pro NFL enemies! :smiley:

CFL Players that played from Atlanta would be helpfull.

how about:
warren moon
doug flutie
mervyn fernandez
raghib ismail
joe kapp
marc boerigter

Thanks, mate!

I nail this list of names on their bloody doors!

Don't Forget About Jeff Garcia

Mike Vanderjagt
Joe Theismann
Ray Alexander
Trent Green

And throughout history nobody remembers the names of the ex-CFL O-linemen that went to the NFL as well.

EDIT - Actually, all you have to say is "Warren Moon" and they should shut the hell up. If Warren played for a franchise who was a real competitor just once in his NFL career, he'd always be mentioned in the same name as Marino and Montana, and that's not an exaggeration.

I wish Marino played for the Blue Bombers, at least for one season.

Rocket Ishmial sorry about spelling
Dieter Brock (rams)
Peter Liske
Bud Grant (coach bombers then Vikings)
Jim Marshall Vikings
There are others from the 70s and 80s just can't remember them right now.

How about coaches
Marv Levy

Coaches are ok

Bud Riley…Doug Flutie…pretty obvious.

Argo fans or cfl historians correct me if I am wrong about any of this.

I believe there was a player named Jim Corrigal(?) who played in the NFL first, and very well, and then for the Argos. Also I believe was actually Canadian.

Long live the CFL!!

in the past former 'rider Running back, Pete Van Valkenburg and Calgary Quarterback Joe Pisarcik and more recently, former 'riders Derek Armstrong and Todd McMillon.

Lawrence Tynes

RIGHT ON…GOOD 1! :smiley:


GREAT CALL ...........and you are right again.....well done.

He was a CANUCK! :smiley:

Thank god, someone who played for Winnipeg and also made it big in the NFL.

I'll throw that at my NFL shit heads!

Be careful...........both of those coaches... BUD and MARV......have won GREY CUPS.......and BOTH of them have been to SUPERBOWLS and lost all of them. :wink:

Marv never won a superbowl?

That fact that they MADE the super bowl will shock them! :shock: