CFL Players should stay off of Twitter Completely..

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Calling each other N.. This is just so stupid

First homophobia

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now racism.. he used the a version of the word instead of the er I guess it makes it all
I guess Lewis is rip pin his own teamate? this all is just stupid..

what is this Twitter thing I see mentioned from time to time?

I guess Phol Lind was right. Argo fans are people over 50 years old.

Hope McDaniel is fined and suspended not only for trashing a fellow player on social media but being an embarrassment to the league for doing so. Why even take a cheap shot at Price in the first place? He wasn't even involved in the original conversation.

I would like to see rather then players staying off of the social media that the leagues starts handing out serious fines and suspension for those stupid enough to not play nice. 1st offense a 1000.00 fine, 2nd offense 1 game and 3000.00 fine, 3rd offense suspended indefinitely and 10,000 fine.

Most players are great on social media and it is a good way for fans to follow their favorite players plus a good promotion for the league and the various charity events the players support. That is a positive, its when some bonehead full of himself gets on and does something as completely moronic as this.

It was a stupid self centered ego trip that McDaniel was on and he came down with a bad case of verbal diarrhea and a brain cramp all at the same time. He brought shame to his team and disrespected a fellow player all in a couple of key strokes.

McDaniel needs to be made an example of to end of this kind of behavior.

You got to wonder where some of these players find their representatives ?

That too, in addition to what Jimmy said. How unprofessional is it to take to social media to complain about your client's playing time, then retweet portions of the argument when it starts a fight with someone who has no bearing on the matter? Weak.

I didn't even get Lewis' comment about some guys preferring to be the best player on a bad team than work towards beign the best player on the best team. What does any of this have to do with you?

That whole thing was ugly. I think Brandon Banks got on it too. And of course, it took no time for the whole thing make the papers (well, the Sun, at least). some of these guys don't learn from the mistakes of others or their own.

Now all the people who figured Desjardins was hosed on the deal. Looks to me like Desjardins figured pretty quick he wasn't interested in dealing with Sammy G :wink:

I think what Lewis meant was directed at Jasper. Meaning he'd rather cry about not being a starter on a GC winner and playoff team but would rather go be the man in Saskatchewan where he has no one to compete with even if it means no playoffs....

I'm with Bungle on the title of this thread. :thup:

People subscribe to Twitter to follow this crap? SMH. :thdn:

Oh, I knew who he meant. But what's it to him? At least McDaniel and Simmons are teammates. It's still not right to bring Price into it, but I can't understand frustration for a teammate boiling over. But what does Nik Lewis care about Jasper Simmons? Leave it alone.

No, this is 1% of what’s on Twitter. The reason it’s notable is that it is unusual behaviour. Most players have learned that they might as well be speaking at a podium when using that form of social media, so they carry themselves differently.

I honestly believe this is no different than all the penalties we are seeing.. It's a complete lack of respect for the league by American players.. It gets worse, the less they get payed. Every American has taken a 30% pay cut in the last year. They are unable to pay their rent back home in the US and alot are probably homeless when they go back. God help them if they were stupid enough to not use condoms back home or even worse if they knocked someone up here. The CFL minimum wage is under 40K US and I am very doubtful that the CFL is paying American players their healthcare coverage back home... These players are .taking what is akin to a glorified job at McDonalds. Even Price and Lewis are making under 6 figures once you convert the cash over ,and being stuck with the burden of paying double rent and double car payments.
Thes players honestly don't give a fuck if they lose their jobs, and are literally just living in the moment.. Someone disses them, and they literally revert to the lowest common denominator and start throwing out N-bombs.

Is this going to be another one of those posts that you delete, like the vanishing late-night rants I've been unfortunate enough to read more than once on the "Michael Sams" thread? Or maybe it's the mods who delete them for you. I'm actually quoting you just to try to keep this one on the public record.

You can't delete threads on here... You can edit them for about 10 minutes... Do you honestly Believe that if these guys were making 150k US (Lewis took a massive pay cut in order to stay on the field and makes peanuts now) that they would risk their careers by going on twitter and dropping N-bombs at each other? Just an update.. Price has detected his entire twitter and very little remains from before.. He still drops an N bomb but once again uses the A version

NO ONE should have a Twitter account. It has made people too self important and given a voice to people who should not have a voice. Twitter is proof that this world is going to hell.


Someone worded it well once: Social media has not only given everyone the means to share their opinion, which is good, it has given everyone the false belief that their opinion should matter, which is bad.

I do enjoy it to follow football most of the time though. Much of it can be mundane, like Henry Burris and Sirvincent Rogers discussing their favourite BBQ restaurants, but it's cool to have a little interaction with the guys, when you treat them with a little respect. The type of incident from last night is actually pretty rare.

If that were the case, it would have been going on for decades. It's not like players were having money shovelled at them I the mid-90's, either.

:) :thup:

I am as guilty of self-importance as everyone else but some people get carried away.

There are many times, I dream about a world where you could turn it all off and go back to a simpler time. Then, I put down my lap-top for 5 minutes and miss it. :roll:

Totally understand. I go to a cottage most weekends with no reliable internet connection to speak of. I still can't help but check Twitter everyone now and again for certain things. It's hard to disconnect (literally).

All of that stuff for me is to follow teams, organizations, etc. No one wants to know what the hell I'm having for supper, if I'm not sleeping well, or my opinion on the weather . :roll: