CFL Players released early for NFL Tryouts

James Wilder Jr was the 1st and biggest news to ask for release from Argos with displeasure in coaching staff. Said he had NFL Tryouts lined up.
Should be interesting if he lands on a Practice Roster somewhere. Like the receiver from Kapernick tryout.
Does he sign a futures Deal with an NFL team in Jan. If so will he get a bonus signing.
Or could he potentially get selected in the 2nd XFL supplemental draft get paid. Get more film since his lack of PT with the Argos.
XFL season ends before CFL TC opens as well as NFl OTa’s.

Bombers Canadian Rookie Jonathon Kongbo major injury in his last season at Tennessee. The NFL took a
waiver on him. But the Bombers took full
Advantage and waited for him to get healthy & it paid off.
Now NFL teams are all over the OLB, DE, & Special teams versatilty.
Kangbo is young fresh of an injury in his last college season. & has proven he is healthy and he can play pro football.
I cant see him even cosidering the XFL.

Dextor McCoil is an early interesting release from the Stamps. Played some AAF before it folded. He left the CFL as an All Star. Went to the NFL and earned his keep.
The one of many many players that run out of Nfl options.
2019 he waited for an NFL call but never happend.
Finally the stamps jumped on him very late in the season.
I cant see an NFL team showing any interest. Not because he wasnt a good player in the NFL. But as I said just one of those many guys who become expendable for younger cheaper guys.
Spending most of the 2019 season without a job. And without a paycheck.
I dont see any reason why he wont be a high priority FA for CFL teams.
But right now he needs a job and a paycheck.
So I could see him getting Drafted into the XFLs second supplemental draft in Jan right before TC.
The as soon as the XFL season ends signing with the CFL & stay for quite awhile.

I think im forgetting at least one other guy.
So chime in with updates as we follow a wacky 2020 season of movement.

Well its game on now. Several CFL FA’s have been released and given permission to go to a tryout/workout with the Miami Dolphins. Which are taking place as we speak. Jefferson & SamLB aka now renamed cover LB. Moncrief are among the prime name players.

So are these players getting outright released or these FA’s that the team is releasing them early?

Has anything happened between the CFL and NFL negotiations on the try out window?

The B.C. Lions released:

K - Sergio Castillo (most accurate field goal kicker in the league last year)
LB - Korey Toomer (ex-Seahawk played mostly STs and some rush end last year).

I think both were released to try NFL. Both seemed happy here (although Toomer could have been upset about lack of starting reps. He’s a little old for the NFL again at 31).

It is players who will become FA’s officially as of Feb.
No players under a current CFL contract for next season are a part of this.
They are honoring the contracts they have signed.

For watever reason this is not an official part of the CBA.
But it seems CFL teams are using common sense and allowing the soon to be FA’s to get looked out very early.
Which makes alot of sense as alot will be sorted out among players who will be available when CFL Free Agency officially begins.

CFLPA files grievance against the CFL regarding NFL window

Ya. This is a dilema that needs some kind of standard rule.
This is a reason why players are only signing one year contracts.
Does the Cfl still have the 1 + 1 option year contract among the current CBA. Having that kind of contract set up seemed to work as far as an NFL window goes.
But Idk wats wat.

Im just throwing this out there.
Maybe a compromise for both sides.
1 year + 1 option year. With a large window.
Even if a player plays on an NFL roster or Practice roster or just a training camp etc.

The plus one option year. Said CFL team retains the rights to said player should they return to the CFL.
Then the CFL team can get said player back.
If said CFL team does not want them back for watever reason player would be given his outright release. Or said CFL team can shop player for a trade.
A short window for trade or player must be released or signed.

You cant prevent a guy from making a living.
But also if ya sign a contract under CBA rules a contract should be upheld.


Yet another example of how the PA was badly outmaneuvered by the owners during CBA negotiations.

Yup. Who knows wat goes on behind closed doors.
Its called the Collective Bargaining Agreement.
So there is bargaining.
The PA wisely focused on better and longer medical benefits.
So I get some of it.
But im not sure why the 1 year plus 1 option year wasnt kept in place.
I do respect Management for allowing players who are going to officially going to be Free Agents in February.
Release players right after the GC to pursue NFL opportunity’s.
I think that should be something that should be made official in the next CBA. Along with bringing back the one plus one option contract.
Pro football is a job.
Let the rules and contract reflect that.
Ya have to give players a chance to make a higher wage like everyone else in the work world

I don’t think there will be a solution on this one unless and until the NFL owners would agree to pay a transfer fee, say $100K, to the CFL team as liquidated damages for a player now under contract to be signed with also a signing bonus to enter an NFL camp.

If the CFL team takes the transfer fee, the team loses rights to the player too.

If the the team declines the fee, the team keeps rights to the player unless they want to release the player anyway.

If a player can’t earn that opportunity, well then the contract should stand and it should be a 2+1 with the option a mutual option or nothing.

If nothing, the player either is traded within 40 days or released on or before 40 days.

The NFL owners have far more than that sort of money to pay for such a talented player after a workout.

There are 32 NFL owners. If the player is wanted badly enough, they will find those pennies amongst their $100 dollar bills.

Not that the NFL would go for it, but I do like the transfer fee mentioned. Like most European Hockey leagues, NHL has to pay a transfer fee if player is under contract.

So what if they do a hybrid.

NFL window.
Players can sign with NFL on active roster.
IF the NFL team wants to put a player on a practise roster, then they owe the CFL a team $100k as the CFL team would have to relinquish their rights.

Or the CFL just amends their negotiation lists, so that a player can be added on immediately if an NFL teams signs him to a regular contract or a practice spot. Therefore keeping the players CFL rights. Whether they would have to take off another player to put on, they could do either way.

I doubt there will be a transfer fee ever paid.
The NFL window or watever you want to call it should officially start a week after the GC. All the CFL teams have done this unofficially for CFL free agents already.
For CFL players that are free agents or go back to the 1plus 1option year contracts.
If ur under a 2 year deal the contract should be honored.

I’ll go further and say I have ZERO doubt there will ever be a transfer fee paid by the NFL.

Agree there should be a formal NFL window and no reason to not start the day after the winning team has its Grey Cup parade.

The window should include both pending free agents and players with one year left on their contracts … but the latter have to sign a contract (not a TC invite) with a NFL team by CFL free agency day or play out their CFL deal … if they do sign then the CFL team retains their rights under the final year of their deal (unless a longer contract is re-negotiated) … FINALLY,if the player is cut by the NFL team they cannot accept a practice roster spot … they can hang around hoping for a roster deal but the “waiver” to try to make the NFL should be roster or bust.

With no transfer fee paid via agreement between leagues, which is heavily unlikely and for no reason other than sheer greed on the part of the NFL by the owners in my opinion, I like this proposal.

IMO “no fee” is because there are so few players in the CFL that a NFL wants badly enough to warrant paying it … CFL players are almost universally just part of the general talent pool from which NFL teals fish … they may make a team but are not sugbnificantly better than the teams next best option

Overwhelmingly that’s correct and I agree.

I don’t agree, perhaps as much as do you, that it’s correct nearly as much for the few CFL players who emerge as solid starters or stay on active rosters in the NFL.

Too many an NFL player in that general pool, with inexperience or lower pro experience (i.e. indoor or semi-pro) yet talent, never comes close to making the NFL cut at all and perhaps bounces around on practice rosters at best. Most of these players are also not cut out for the CFL. A few bounce to some forlorn pro league if not out of pro football altogether.

By contrast at the very least, the CFL player has actual professional game experience plus professional training well beyond whatever was at hand in college in the US or Canada even with plenty of coaches with former pro experience there.

The training and game day experience, with workouts passing grade with high marks too of course, are worth the fee in those few cases.

It won’t happen though, and as for the reasons, for the most part I do agree with you and I do like your proposal.