CFL Players / Plays of the Week

Cats get their due!

  1. LeFevour named offensive player of the week

  2. No less than 6 of the top 10 "plays of the week" were from the Ticats/rEDbLACKS game. I'll bet you can think of three right off the bat, and that you'll have to think a bit harder to come up with the other three.

Before looking I'm gonna guess; The Banks TD, Gable's TD & 82 yard screen pass. The Fantuz block. Butler's interception. And I'm going with the sixth to be the Burris tipped pass by Harris on third down. (or the Burris "fumble" ruled incomplete pass)

4 out of 6.

I wish Austin had thrown the challenge flag on #8, as I'm pretty sure it would have been called interference. Johnson had Koch's right arm tied up almost the whole way across the field. The end zone view (second replay) shows it best.

Unfortunately, he had already thrown one flag and with only one left, he needed to save it for later in the game. Sometimes I think that challenges should only be used to reverse a turnover, at least in the first half.

My interference alarm went off there too. And it wasn't just incidental - if the DB's arm hadn't been wrapped around Koch's body, he never would have had a play on the ball.

I thought that looked like I too and was surprised that he didn't throw it. We got a FG out of the play but it might easily have been a TD instead. If he wins both challenges, he gets a third but was that play before or after the failed challenge on the Burris "throw"? I thought it was before. However if it was after, I can see why he didn't throw the flag.