OFFENSE : JEFF JOHNSON [ARGOS] :shock: :smiley:




Canadians did real GOOD , this week! :smiley:

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it is also this days poll ? on the front page of CFL.CA :wink:

You know what this means hellothere: time to kick John Avery out of your locker room! :twisted:

Ya i agree, i think averys done with the argonauts. I'm glad Fleming got special teams player of the week, he deserved it after all he's been through this year. And thats the 2nd time in 3 weeks now!

Maybe NOT…how about using BOTH of them? :twisted: :shock: :smiley:

I didn’t know that we had a city in the CFL called “Argos” LOL :lol:

I know, Stupid joke, but very funny.

Yeah. You do just that. Go ahead and dilute the impact of your running game by giving reps to the incapacitated. Using both would be like having a beer and a glass of water instead of having two beers.

Its okay for you hellothere to love your Argos this much. I just think its weird that you won’t admit some players don’t pull their part of the weight.

I love my Als very much, but I would have no problem pointing a few players I wouldn’t mind getting rid of.

I said for the last 2 years to get rid of Avery.
Maybe this will be the time he gets his ass kicked off the team.
Now all we have to do is get rid of Austin!!!!

Saskargo, do you know which Argos players will be free agent this winter?

I don't know what is wrong with Avery anymore. we had that same problem when he played for the Esks starts strong but weak finish (hello grey cup). with you guys he barely showed up, and only had flashes of competence. His problems are really starting to add up. Can't play in snow, doesn't like cold weather, is streaky, is prone to dropping the ball...etc..etc...

His one great season with the Esks was a fluke.

I wouldn't say it was a fluke. He was almost unstoppable. I don't rememebr anyone other then Pringle, who when they would come to town I knew they would get yards. Now he sucks. And I personally love him for it. I like it when teams play bad players. means it something the riders have to worry about less. Now if we would just stop playing bad players I'd be happy.

Here you go Billy just for you. That is why the Stamps love to play the Riders.

quote of gostampsgo - - - old Rider’s had class, new Riders sniff ass.