CFL Players not getting fair pay?

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The Winnipeg Blue Bombers expect to reap a profit of about $2.5 million, while the CFL fattens its bank account by roughly $3 million.

The Grey Cup has come a long way over the last 12 years.

Why, then, have the players’ shares from the big game remained virtually unchanged?

In the 1994 Grey Cup, the winner’s share was $12,000 per player, while $6,000 went to each player from the losing team.

A dozen years later, and the winners of today’s game stand to earn $14,000 each, with the losers cashing a cheque for $7,000.

That certainly doesn’t reflect the growth of the league during the same time frame.

At his state-of-the-CFL address Friday, commissioner Tom Wright indicated revenue from sponsorships has increased about 60% in the last four years alone and are at a record high.

Television ratings are also at one of the highest levels in years, while attendance in major centres like Vancouver and Toronto has increased substantially.

Players have made gains in salary and benefits, through the collective bargaining agreement with the owners.


The average salary has risen to between $70,000 and $80,000 per season.

But it says here they continue to be shortchanged when it comes to the playoffs and, specifically, the league’s marquee event.

The Grey Cup game has become one of the country’s most-watched sports events of the year because it’s usually an exciting game.

And that’s because of the players.

The fact they’re still earning playoff wages similar to those from the mid-1990s doesn’t look good on the CFL.

now, isnt this because the grey cup participants are paid this bonus by thier team, NOT by the hosting Grey Cup team?

i mean, its not the Bluebombers ( who are making this Grey Cup profit ) who are paying these grey cup bonuses.

last year, the eskies franchise didnt get a home playoff game, so didnt make a playoff bonus themselves, yet still had to pay each player $14,000 when they won the grey cup.

Agreed, the players are getting ripped off with playoff and GC money. Sponsorships are ahead by 60% so why shouldn't the GC share rise accordingly.
I remember the only thing the XFL had right a few years ago was the Final being advertised as the $1M game. This winning team share was split up by the players and I guess with the what 40 man roster, each player received $25,000. This is the minimum each CFL winning share should be, $25,000 for the winner and let's say $20,000 for each loosing team.
It's nice the salaries are going up, but let's bring the players fully into the 21st century.

sponsorships are up by 60%, and yet so is the cap rising from $2.5mil to $4.05mil

so how can u agree with the article after what i had written after the article, argotom?

if u think players should get 25K for winning, then the Grey Cup host ( since they are the ones making all the money, NOT the teams playing in the game )should contribute 6K per player to the $14K the winning team pays thier players for a total of $20K per winning player

and again the GC host should pay $3K to each player on teh losing team, added to the $7K the losing team pays thier plays for a total of $10K per winning player.

hows that sound?

you want to see a great game? How about GC winners get the bonus and the losers get nothing?

With the GC being the league showcase event, with the sponsorship, TV new contract going sky high, the league has to bring up the playoff and GC share accordingly.
Image being what it is to some people and in order to possibly attract very good American players, the $25,000 on top of the average salary now what $80,000-$100,000 all of a sudden it make good sense to play CFL football.
Plus, this increase will not bankrupt the league.

the only way for that to happen is if the league sets money aside each season and pays the bonuses, cuz the teams cannot afford this.

Althought the playoff money has not increased over the years in terms of payout, it has increased in terms of the exchange rate. In the early 90’s the american players were receiving $ 12,000cdn for a GC victory, but when you did the exchange they took home only $6000us. Today they will echange their paycheck and walk away with $12,000 us. So in someway they have doubled their take home pay.Just a little food for thought.

good point.

Still though its peanuts and high time the league ups the ante and brings the players into the 21st century.

I agree and it will happen. It has only been in the last couple of years that the league has had the money to increase the pay out. I think they made their first increase in years at last years cup.I'm sure it is one of the things on their list of "must do" when they get their new T.V. contract.It will all come together in the next couple of years, until then the players will have to do with $14,000.

the league isnt rich like the other leagues.

example...8 teams in CFL, 30+ in all the others.

I totally agree with players deserving more pay....absolutely!!!
I work in the construction industry in Calgary and the housing costs have gone GODZILLA! The only persons that are raking in on that are the builders and the banks.
I get the same wage that I got 10 years ago, have I got a raise or seen anything in regards to a bonus? NOPE.
These guys that sit around a table all day need to see those people in the trenches down there that pad those seats that they are sitting on, and get with it!!
Pass on some of the fortune to the players!!!! and stop arguing about who is getting the key for the bathroom with the heated, gold plated toilet seat next week!

Keep in mind that the host team play 4 million(around that) to host the game.... I do agree that the players could get a little more but it is not them taking the risk. Its the owners