CFL Players in the Community

Just read a great article about Mark Washington and Barron Miles (Vancouver Province Friday Edition) and it got me thinking of all the events the players attend. I read R&W's post in the Calgary section and it sounds like the Stamp players are big in the community there as well.

What about the other cities????? Good player involvement in the community?

My Grandson's Minor football Association has always had Lion players at registration. My Daughter-in-law (Teacher) has had Lion players come out to schools to participate in reading programs.

What goes on the rest of the country?

Up to nine stamps have been active in the Calgary area through out the off season. Most notably the combo of Copeland and Lewis. But it is great that these guys take the time to help out the community. I especially like their dance classes (kidding) for the kids. :lol:

Im gonna get flamed for saying this...

But Trevis Smith was probably one of the top 3 riders in the community... He coached high school football and things like that.

Ok, Im ready to be flamed:)

Naw jman, we won't shoot the messenger. :wink: :wink:

Matt Sheridan, OBby Khan and Doug Brown do alot in the community

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Heres a good story!

My Grandson was at a fund raising car wash for his Football Team on the weekend. Who drives up? Retired BC Lion O-Linemen Steve Hardin. According to my Grandson, Hardin, who owns a couple of "Chain Resteraunts" took all the kids at the Car wash to his resteraunt for Tacos and Burritos. Oh yeah, he also got his car washed too!

Another reason why I like the CFL players!

...awesome marketing stategy on his part Sporty, and cool for the kids...

....Will Johnston who played for the Stamps in the mid 90s is now a Calgary cop and volunteers time to be a coach for my son's midget football team....(Go Mavericks Go, 5-0 and off to the playoffs!!)....

Great to hear CFL players in all cities staying active in the community!

I know guys like Kerry Joseph, Matt Dominguez, Chris Szarka, Jeremy O'Day and many others are active in the community here through school visits, charity basketball games, dinners, etc. It gives these guys a chance to give back to the community and allows the fans to meet their favorite players.

Great Job by the CFL players, on and off the field!

-Chris Cvetkovic(good guy award winner 2006)
-Jon Oohsterhuis(Stay in School Program)
-Westwood(Cystic Fibrosis Association)
-Neil McKinlay(BB charity Basketball team among other things)
-Charlie Roberts(BB charity basketball team)

That's atleast 8 Bombers active in the Community, other Bombers(Stegall, Stoddard, Simpson) do Community events aswell. But some(like Simpson) do it in their home canadian City(BC)

Also should be Noted Lyle Bauer(former Player, current Bomber President) is very active in the Community included Never Alone Foundation.

From the Blue Bomber website about Cvetkovic
'PERSONAL – Cvetkovic is a tireless worker in the community. His efforts were recognized this past year when he was named as the 2006 recipient of the Ed Kotowich Good Guy Award, presented annually to the Bomber player who best demonstrates football ability, team camaraderie and extraordinary effort in the community. He is active with a number of local charities including CancerCare Manitoba, Child Find Manitoba, Winnipeg Children’s Hospital Foundation, Raise-A-Reader, Christmas Cheerboard, Winnipeg Harvest and the Blue Bombers’ Stay-In-School Program. He and longtime friend Phil Gibson, a defensive lineman with the Montreal Alouettes, launched the Gibson Cvetkovic Football for youngsters in their hometown of Burlington, Ont. in 2005. Cvetkovic currently resides in Winnipeg year-round and spent this past off-season contributing to the Blue Bombers’ community programs.'

OOOOh so tempting but not today!

Will does a lot for special Olympics as weell when he was a player and now as one of Calgary's finest.