CFL Players getting plucked by the NFL

Is it just me ? Or are more CFL players getting picked up by NFL teams ?

Lirum being released while under contract to pursue NFL opportunities really blew my mind.
Frankie Williams getting two tryout shocked me as well considering is size.

Even Bralon Addison is only 5:9
And not overly strong or fast. I think he will be back .Just not this year.

I wonder what has brought the attention to the CFL ?

  1. Ex NFL Coach Sherman in Montreal ?
  2. Johnny Manziel coming here and unable to be a starter ?
  3. Marc Trestman - Head Coach of the Bears for a few years. ?
  4. Ex eskie WR Duke Williams success with the Bills ?
    5 Erik Harris starting with the raiders?
  5. Ex CFL. Stampeder olineman Brent Jones starting center for vikings?
  6. Ex Sask Head Coach ChrisJones coaching down there with clev defence
  7. Delvin Breaux starting with New Orleans for a few years.
    9 Marcus Thigpen returning kicks for the Bills for awhile ?
    10 Ex stanp all star national mlb Alex Singleton sticking down there withe the eagles?
  8. Brett Lauthier starting kicker for the cowboys last year.?
    18 . June Jonrs and Jerry Glanville coaching up here seeing the talent.
  9. Ex argo head coach Scott Milanovich coaching qbs in the NFL. With jags
    20.ex BC star DE Cameron Wake becoming a star with Miami ?
  10. Canadian olineman Tardif starting for the Chiefs ?
    22 Ty Long punter starting for LA
    24 Kicker Brett Maher starting for dallas
  11. Ex eskie lb Deon Lacey playing in Miami
    26 ex eskie wr Zylstra playing in carolina
    27 ex ottawa wr Dionte Spencer on broncos roster
  12. Ticat draft puck canadian Brett Urban on baltimore’s roster.
  13. Adam Bighill sticking with the saints a few years back.
  14. Ex cfl qb and coch marcus brady a qb coach with the colts
    31 ex sask lb sam eguavon on miami roster
  15. Ex argo wr Dontrel Inmann .
  16. Db tevaugn campbell
    34 . ex sask DE John Chick starting lb with colts for a few years
    35 Ex Ticat DE Hickman starting with colts at lb
  17. Ticat WR Marcus Tucker played with the steelers for a few years.

It’s an easy way to scout and pilfer . If I was working in the NFL and looking for guys ready to go game day they have easy access to talent pool north .

Plus It’s a numbers game and players get over looked and thankfully the CFL gets rewarded with talent every year .

Playing in a men’s pro league after the boyhood College years and competing at the CFL level is not that far off the NFL . You have to be hungry and have passion for the game up here .

If the player has talent and willing to work that hard on still playing pro they are getting a sweet deal in the NFL with pilfering the CFL .

Talking about Lirum being released ; I am surprised the world record holder for field goals Lewis Ward isn’t trying out down south .

I would think that some NFL scouting organization, even some teams, have a guy who subscribes to TSN and watches the games. If someone catches their eye, they probably have enough contacts or resources, to scout him in depth?

If they can keep track of the many, many myriad of college players available, they can certainly keep tabs on maybe 300 CFL players, and certainly a couple of dozen “standouts?.

No, it happens every year. Some will stay down south on active rosters or practice rosters and others will come back to the CFL or go to the XFL.

“I wonder what has brought the attention to the CFL ?”

The interest has always been there.

I agree it happens every year, it’s just now with social media and and and 3 Down Nation there is way more coverage then even 3 or 4 years ago.

  1. Brett Lauthier starting kicker for the cowboys last year.?

i missed this one

Yeah , many people missed this one because it never happened . ::slight_smile: Lauther is the man’s name and he

has kicked for Sask for the last 2 years .

How many scouts would the average NFL team have on its payroll? Ten? Would it be a stretch to think that one’s main responsibility would be Canada?


They would be negligent if they didn’t!!-- Have at least one or two focusing on the CFL rosters.

My opinion: The NFL is becoming more like the CFL; more passing and less bull-through-people running, more no-huddle offence, et cetera. As a result they’re slowly starting to move towards the same types of players that excel in the CFL (smaller but still powerfully built). We will see the pilfering increase in future years.

It’s not a new trend, and it’s not developing slowly. This has been the case for at least 20 years.