CFL Players From Your Hometown

What CFL players are from your hometown?

St.Thomas, Ontario

Irv Daymond (OL)
Kyle Walters (LB/S and Current WPG GM)
Zack Mederois (K/P)
Zach Annen (C/G)


Houston Texas: me (fan) :crazy_face:

i hope the citizens are not paying a price for medeiros being from st thomas
after alol, it isnt their fault for his -ve attitude

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Toronto, Ontario

Adriano Belli (DT)
Germaine Gabriel (DB)
Matt Black (DB)
Natey Adjei (WR)
O'Neil Wilson (WR)
Trevaughn Campbell (CB)

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Current Players
Hamilton , Ontario

Eric Mezzalira (LB)

Eric Blake (DB)

Spencer Moore (FB)

Tyler Ternowski (WR)

Daniel Petermann (WR)

Jesse Gibbon (OL)

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Nikola Kalinic (FB)
Coulter Woodmansey (OL)
Jakub Szott (OL) are also from toronto

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Gerry Dattillio, Pointe Claire Quebec. (West suburb of Montreal)
Hometown hero of sorts, taking over QB spot from the ill-fated Vince Ferragamo
experiment in 1980. He played well enough to start the next season.
Not bad for a Canadian lad.
Paul Lambert, Hamilton’s rookie of the year in 2001. Played on the Al’s till 2010,
winning two Cups and a three time all star.
There’s others as well, like Eric Lapointe, running back, Cameron Judge, linebacker. That’s all I can think of for now

Off topic but Gerry was always underrated and had good hands as a dependable slot receiver when not behind centre. Also did ok as a punter too if I recall.

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Forgot about the punting. Good one.