CFL players deserve a Raise

Anywho, back to the topic, the players have bent over backwards and endured humiliating paycuts (to already low salaries) just to keep the league afloat years ago. Then when the league stabilized, they only got peanut token raises. Its time for the players to get theirs. This new TV deal deal should be split evenly with the teams, allowing everyone to win. The players have supported this league through thick and thin. The owners have been getting theirs the last few years, now its the players turn.

Cap should go to $5M, or do you think it needs to go higher?
I'd say $5M seems fair along with a coaching/management salary cap, as some here have encouraged along with the raise in minimum player salary.

It's a long time coming, the players have to get at least 50% of the raise coming to the teams from the new TV deal.
Not to mention the sponsorship money that has increased.
How about the other potential bonanza of selling the GC rights which may be worth north of $5M per year.
Therefore increase the cap to $5.5M, plus let's have a marquee player exemption of $500,000.
Increase the roster to 50 players and get rid of the pr squad.
Increase the GC money to each winning player at $25,000 and the loser at $15,000.
It's high time the players are brought back from the dark ages.

I think $5 M should be the starting point. Another $500,000 should come along within 3 seasons or so ($150,000 or so yearly raises). You bring up a good point with the coaching management salary cap. Coaches back in the 90`s were making in the $150,000 range, now some are making $3-500,000 (some with GM duties attached mind you), while again player salaries have only slightly increased over that same time period.

I was hoping for 6, i think if they really wanted to take things to another level they should take some risk going to 10. We all know they deserve way more but the league can only afford so much with our 30 million people but y'know that and they really need to make a video game as well. Sorry i had to get in there.

It was at least midly racist and it wasn’t even valid.

The Eskies last 3 GM’s were Danny Mac, Tillman and Ed Hervey
Last 3 HC were - Richie Hall, Kavis Reed and Chris Jones.

Anyone who thinks the Eskies are hiring based on race must be clueless, and yes there was no reason to draw race into the equation… Especially when the only argument to ‘back it up’ is that Hall, Reed, Hervey and Jones were hired with little exp at HC and now GM, the most successful teams lately have been led by relatively green HC’s. Austin, Huf, Trestman, Macocia, Pinball, Milanovich and Chamblin all won the GC in their first full contract as a full time Head coach, I believe only Macocia on that list had any previous HC experience(Junior)
Meaning since the 92nd grey cup, the only veteran coach to win a grey cup as the HC has been Wally B(*2)… so worst case all Edmonton is doing is trying to replicate what other teams were doing.

Also…Towriss should get an interview? if any CIS HC should it’s either Stefan Ptaszek(young + CFL exp as a player) or Glen Constantin(8 time Vanier cup champ, 7 as the HC in like 13 seasons)… issue is that most CIS HC’s don’t have CFL coaching experience and there is a huge difference between coaching college guys and pro’s.

If a CIS guy wants a shot at a CFL HC gig, their best bet is to bite the bullet and gun for a CFL co-ordinator job(like Kyle Walters did), then go from there. It’s been shown that generally speaking hiring a HC with no CFL experience is a pretty bad plan, Trestman being the only one to work out, unlike say Bart Andrus or Hawkins.
But CIS HC’s can get paid as good if not better then CFL Co-ordinators and CIS HC jobs can be pretty safe, so there isn’t really incentive for those top CIS HC’s to leave for OC/DC/ST jobs in the CFL, especially for Constantin.

I've been saying this for quite awhile now... its not a unreasonable amount, while giving some players a raise... I don't think $5 million would be too much for Hamilton or Toronto either...

If they start capping other stuff, they won't even feel it.

Yes, the CFL players deserve a raise but definitely not in line with the insane increases some have suggested. I want the CFL to survive not go "en faillite". Thanks to the new 5 year agreement between the CFL and TSN/RDS,there will be huge revenue increases to the Teams and Players; I expect a portion of these increases to be spread to players over 5 years,although the major increases will occur in 2014. I do included my suggestions/wishes:

Minimum salary:
Actual $45,000
2014 $50,000
2015 $52,000
2016 $54,000
2017 $57,000
2018 $60,000

In 2014, CFL players at minimum will earn more in 6 months than most new University graduates will earn in 1 year.

Post season and Grey Cup Compensation.

Presently, the first place winners along with semi-finals winners and losers receive $3,400; the finals winners and losers receive $3,600. I would increase these numbers as follows:

2014,2015 and 2016: The $3,400 increased to $4,000
2017 and 2018: The $4,000 increased to $4,500

I would increase the $3,600 as follows:
2014,2015 and 2016: The $3,600 increased to $4,500
2017 and 2018: The $4,500 increased to $5,000

Grey Cup Compensation:

The winners presently receive $16,000 each and the losers $8,000 each. I would increase these numbers are follows:

2014,2015 and 2016: The $16,000 increased to $18,000 and the $8,000 increased to $9,000
2017 and 2018: The $18,000 increased to $20,000 and the $9,000 increased to $10,000

All these suggestions would increase the post season and Grey Cup compensations by $540,600 in 2014 and 17.35% and by a further $424,000 and 11.59% in 2017.The total post season and Grey Cup compensations to players are/would be as follows:
2013 $3,116,400
2014,2015 and 2016 $3,657,000 each year
2017 and 2018 $4,081,000 each year.

Total increase of $964,600 and 30.95%

In 2013 the total post season and Grey Cup compensations amounted to $23,000 to each winner and $15,000 to each loser.The new numbers would be as follows:
2014,2015 and 2016: $26,500 and $17,500
2017 and 2018: $29,500 and $19,500

Maximum cap:

The numbers are/would be:
2013 $4,400,000
2014 $5,000,000. Increase of $600,000 and 13.64%
2015 $5,150,000. Increase of $150,000 and 3%
2016 $5,300,000. Increase of $150,000 and 2.91%
2017 $5,450,000. Increase of $150,000 and 2.83%
2018 $5,600,000. Increase of $150,000 and 2.75%

A 5 year increase of $1,200,000 and 27.27%

Based on the numbers, the average CFL player salary is/would be:-excluding post season and Grey Cup compensations-

2013: $83,000

2014: $94,300

2018: $105,600

Minimum weekly pay to practice rosters players:

2014,2015 and 2016: Weekly minimum of $900
2017 and 2018: Weekly minimum of $1,000

Maximum player salary:

Starting in 2014, no player shall be paid more than 10% of maximum cap.

Active rosters:

I do hope that the active rosters will increase to 47 players in 2014

Dressed players:

I do hope that the numbers of dressed players will go from 42 to 44 10 2014,i.e. 3 QBs,21 Non-Imports and 20 Imports.

Non-Import starters:

I do hope that the numbers of Non-Import starters will go from 7 to 6,starting in 2014.

In 2018, the numbers/suggestions that I have tabled would represent an increase of roughly $1.4 millions per Team when compared to 2013.I do think that these suggestions are reasonable for the Teams and its Players. I do hope that the negotiations will be constructive and respectful. Hoping for a good ending.


Wow !!!!!!!!!!!! Your generous. You want to give a ONE percent raise to players while teams have just increased their revenues roughly FIFTEEN percent. That's insulting.

Great breakdown, Richard. I agree with the monetary amounts, but one thing I would like to see is the gameday roster increase to 44 players with an even split - 22 non-imports, 22 imports, QBs can be whatever. A lot of fans want to see a Canadian quarterback, so let's just do it already. And with Canadian talent at a high, I would argue against decreasing the number of non-import starters, I think seven is just fine.

I would be in favour of five starters for Ottwa this year, six next year and seven in their third year but only for them as an expansion team.

Sorry Richard I was reading your minimum salary as your SMS increase. :oops:

If they ever find a Canadian QB that's good enough to start, then I agree with you, but Canadian QBs are just not good enough to play in the CFL. NCAA scouts are recruiting Canadians in high schools and giving scholarships to the best players out there, we've seen Canadian OLs, LBs, receivers recruited to the NCAA but they haven't found one QB yet that's good enough to play in the NCAA.

And a Canadian running back could never lead the league over all those superior American RBs.

Of course, you’d say that the year that there is one. :wink:

[url=] ... 48739.html[/url]

Offseason coaching changes in the NCAA can have substantial implications for incoming recruits, both good and bad, but it sounds like one has worked out well for one of the top Canadian quarterback prospects out there. Ottawa’s Michael O’Connor, who Rivals ranks as a four-star recruit (and ninth amongst pro-style quarterbacks), tweeted Sunday that he’s committed to staying with Penn State following their hire of Vanderbilt coach James Franklin

They just got a great deal in the expansion draft, no special privileges needed.


Besides, if they were to win it all under those conditions, there would always be that asterisk next to it. No interest in that.

Increase the salary cap by $500,000 every year and reinstate one year, plus option, contracts.

One year plus options are there now. You mean allow NFL window ?