CFL PLAYERS AWARDS : tonight 10:00 pm..est...TSN

see WHO wins , tonight on TSN. 10:00 pm est. TSN

who was right. :smiley:

should be good

Terry Evanshen presents the MVP Award.. Should be interesting hour.

AWESOME........thanks for the heads up......EXCELLENT!

AND the movie ......."THE MAN WHO LOST HIMSELF" , is on TSN at 8 pm ...est.................

Corey Holmes for MOP!!!

Corey Holmes for MOP!!!

I think we heard you the first time. But I really think D Allen will get it for sure. Corey had a great season but D Allen success effected the team more then Corey who is a great player no doubt.

ALLEN , wins 2 awards , the MOP , and ROGERS , THE FANs CHOICE , award.


JOHNSON [Canadian]

GRACE + WALLS , also win.

Love those SASK. suits. SASK. wins 2 awards.

And Danny Mac gets recognized with some sort of humanitarian award

Sorry , THE TOM PETE AWARD! , goes to DANNY :smiley:

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