CFL Players at a very high level

information is taken from the 2015 NCAA web site for students. 71000 play NCAA football in the U.S every year. 16000 football graduates every year and only 300 players total are taken in NFL and CFL draft. This is only 3%. Stats show that at only 3%, they are probably at a higher level to turn Pro than any other NCAA sport including the Major Sports played in Canada. NBA, MLB, NHL. (The more players that play and the fewer taken in the draft the higher the level of player) . For years I listened to the Sportsnet Fan 590 in Toronto where they would always classify the CFL as a minor league. So many of us believe what these sports broadcasters were saying. Based on what was just discussed here, I have lost much of my respect for them. They report to a corporate agenda only. CFL is at least at the same level or higher level than the other major sports in Canada/ T.O. due to the very large numbers that play this sport. We need to give this league far more respect than it gets. It is easy to understand why the players can move between leagues, they have become interchangeable. Hopefully the players will get more $$ some day. -- just my endorsement for the league and looking forward to the summer.

You're preaching to the choir on this forum.

Yes that's true but the title is misleading - He states "CFL Players at a very high level" but then he talks about the NCAA, no mention of the Canadian requirement and the majority which are CIS players which are at a very low standard when comparing to the NCAA.
And don't forget that the ex-NCAA players that do end up in Canada could not make it in the NFL. But they are still some excellent players that slip through the cracks that either get cut or overlooked by the NFL.

I think that is BS and becoming moreso over time. The level of "professionalism" in CIS programs and coaching is light years beyond where it was 20 years ago.

I would love to see NCAA vs CIS, it wasn't an embarrassment when it happened nearly 40 years ago and I think it would be even less now especially in the light of Canada's junior team performances against the US (playing their rules).

Same here. I used to be a PTS fan but have lost so much respect for the Rogers shills it is sickening. Why would you want to crap on your own country's league in favour of another. That's perverse and we're probably one of the few country's where people are allowed to get away with it.

Why would they have on the same American guests all the time who mean nothing here? I like the post from the guy who said why should we listen to a Toronto middleman shill like McClown, selling us sports in the US, when we could go directly to the source like Jim Rome.

I cannot side with Slimjim2 on his comments about how bad the Canadian content is. 1st off, lots played in the NCAA. 2nd the Canadians in the NFL could of easily been on this side of the border. Then Slimjim would of belittled their ability. Top 3 rushers are all Canadians. Plus the CIS drafted players sit and practise for 2 or 3 years with the CFL clubs before playing. They become the same level. You can't see the difference.
Also our young talent below.

Canada defeated Team USA 3 games to 2 at the 2015 International Bowl series January 30 – February 7 in Arlington, Texas.

Now in its second year, the series of games is a collaboration of the sport’s national governing bodies in each country – USA Football and Football Canada – featuring top student-athletes in football’s greatest annual international competition.

Under the January 30 Friday night lights at AT&T Stadium – home of the Cowboys, Football Canada’s Under-18 National Team made up of participants from the 2014 Football Canada Cup defeated their U.S. counterparts by a final score of 25-9. The win marked the second consecutive year that Canada’s U-18 National Team won the U-18

I strongly disagree with this. There are MANY Canadians in the CFL who came from NCAA division I teams. CIS players are more akin to division II teams (such as Simon Fraser U.). Moreover, CIS players have an advantage over NCAA players because of familiarity with Canadian rules. It may take some players an extra year or two to develop once they land in the CFL, that doesn't at all mean they are at a "very low level". That's just wrong.

Every player in the CFL is a remarkable athlete. It doesn't matter where they came from. The OP is correct.

I count 10 Nationals on the 2015 B.C. Lions roster who came from NCAA I teams. Other teams are similar.