CFL Player Trying Out For XFL While Under Contract?

I was hoping if anyone could confirm why a CFL player(Noel Thomas- Ottawa) under contract
and currently on the 1-game injury list is trying out for the XFL.This tryout occurred the day
before Ottawa played Calgary.

See Noel Thomas(WR) about 11 fields down.

Does the league have a policy on this or not ?

Void his contract, if this is what he is doing. Then let him “try” to find a job in the CFL after the XFL folds in a year or two.

I agree.

Other than his name a list do we actually know that he was there?

And will they bother to commit resources and time to do an extensive investigation so they can send him to “CFL Jail”? Dun dun dunnnn…!!!

They have a policy…that doesn’t meant that the XFL needs to honor it.