CFL Player pay?

How much do players make?

A good player will make around $100,000. ( say what you will but that's good for 4 or 5 months of work).

start starting qbs can make up to 500,000

Only Ray gets that
others around 350 to 400

Its closer to 7 months

A star player can get up to 200 to 250 thousand, and others will get 70 to 80 thousand , QBs usually will 250 to 350 thousand.

I think the minimum wage is 38 500$, but not too many people make this little. In the practice squad, you might starve to death as I heard you make 250$ a week (can this be true?).

Dickenson and Calvillo make around 400 k$. Ricky Ray makes sligtly more (between 475 k$ and 500 k$), because - Wooooo! - he went to the NFL to hold a clipboard!

I read last year that Brian Chiu was the highest paid offensive lineman in the league with 100 k$, so I guess linemen aren't well paid.

I faintly remember in The Rock's so-called autobiography he made mention of his time on the Stamps' practice roster and he wasn't making a heck of a lot. (I think he was going for Alondra Johnson's position, but we all know how that turned out)

im pretty sure that he meant the regular season, not the offseason

Yeah , i know what he meant, but it sounds like he's only working for 4-5 months and the rest of the year he sits around doing nothing. I most NFL players get that kind of money as a sign on bonus. They deserve more for what they do.

And to the Al's stop wasting time and resign Robert Edwards, something tells me he could be wearing an Argo uniform after Ricky is gone. He is grossly underpaid.

I think they deserve less for what they do. I mean who wouldn't kill to get paid for playing the greatest game in the world?

The entertainment business will always be the highest paid though.

I think the CFL pays their players a FAIR wage for people who love the game.
Although the minimun wage is a little low at $40K it still ends up being $2K/week! For Calvillo at $400K that gives him $22K/week! Imagine that paycheck as they get paid on game day.
And it’s only for half the year, so the other half they can either stay home and work out or get a part time job like normal people.

I guess the CFL keeps it real :smiley:
If you just want money, go to the NFL, I don’t care. If you love to play football, you’ll love the CFL.

I think pinballs bio said the practice roster pays 500$ a week

The CFL payscale is bizarre in my opinion… some guys who are really good seem to make next to nothing (there’s plenty of really good players on the Stamps who have second jobs to pay the bills) and some are just so-so and make a friggin’ fortune. Not so much this season, but historically.

We'll have to look-up the CBA, but that's also the numbers I heard when the CBA was recently renewed.

WAIT ... Are you suggesting that there are lower paid players that out-perform higher paid players sometimes? Whoa ... Are you also suggesting that some well paid players dont live up to their expectations sometimes? Whoa ... Somehow you think this is a CFL payscale issue? Whoa ...

This isn't an issue; nor is it bizarre; nor should the CFL singled out in your shocking epiphany.


Do some of you guys understand how hard these guys have to work to play at the CFL level. After reading the minimum salary my income from my crummy job in the US is well over the CFL minimum. I don't have to work nearly as hard as these guys, actually half the time i'am at my house doing nothing an getting paid. I work my butt off for football and i'am not even work nearly as hard as the cfl players do. They are monitored all the time what the eat, sports specific exercises, Rehabiing injuries. There is no days off. Listen i don't have to worry about soreness the next day, or if someone is going to take my job. This is why guys like Eric Lapointe contemplate retirement every year.

Minimum wage is $40,000, but add tax and union dues, you're make the salary of a migrant worker. Do you ever walk into ex-CFlers or ex-Nflers? After there playing careers they usually walk with a limp and take a ton of painkillers. Look at Robert Edwards has had well over 7-8 knee surgeries, and he's make nothing. All of this to make next to nothing playing in the CFL. He should really hang em up and coach. I might and you might want to live his life now, but something tells me i wouldn't want to live his life after football. Once he stops working out like he did in his playing days that when all those post playing days pain kicks in.

The QB position is the only one that pays well. Don't be surprised if many of the CFL talent goes for more lucrative deals with Arena, as that league builds in popularity and sponsorship,QB's will stay in the CFL because they make good money.

it doesnt matter if they are underpaid or not. There is no more money to pay them more and thats just the way it is.