CFL player Endorsement deals ???

With the higher profile of the CFL now it is high time for players agent to begin working some endorsement deals.
Not living in Canada it is hard for me to see just how much endorsing of products players are doing. Also how it may work withing the framework of the contracts of players.

For example their seems to be a big campaign that is including players and teams with Co Op brand foods which includes several players faces on products Cornish, Nick Moore, Chris Getz, Mike Reilly and Darian Durant.
I know that 15% is going to the childrens hospital charity. I am sure the four teams involved will profit.
My question is do the players get a cut of this for having their face on the products that would be outside of their regular contracts?

What other Endorsements do players in the CFL currently have, whether it be National, regional or local endorssements.

I know that Darian Durant endorses a Car dealership in return for a new truck each year.
Geory endorses Exutive suites in Regina which gives him a suite for when he is in Regina.

What else is going on around the league?

Burris has his own Wine brand.. :wink: