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Perhaps I am not seeing it, but I am having trouble finding historical draft information. Specifically, I wanted the 2001 draft. Is it on this site or anywhere else?


Pick Team Player Pos School

1 Saskatchewan Scott Schultz DL North Dakota
2 BC via Toronto Ian Williams LB Memphis
3 BC via Winnipeg Lyle Green FB Toledo
4 Tor via Ham Angus Reid G Simon Fraser
5 Edmonton Randy Chevrier DT McGill
6 Calgary Kamau Peterson WR New Hampshire
7 Montreal Luke Fritz OL Eastern Washington
8 British Columbia Leif Thorsen G Montana


Pick Team Player Pos School

1 Saskatchewan Jason French WR Murray State
2 Cal via Tor Lawrence Deck DB Fresno State
3 Mon via BC via WPG Pat Woodcock WR Syracuse
4 Hamilton Karim Grant LB Acadia
5 Edmonton Fabian Burke CB Toledo
6 Calgary Duncan O'Mahony K UBC
7 Montreal Jesse Palmer QB Florida
8 British Columbia Jamie Boreham K/WR Saskatchwan


Pick Team Player Pos School

1 Saskatchewan Teddy Neptune LB Omaha
2 Mon via Tor Phil Gibson DL Toledo
3 Winnipeg Ben Wearing WR McGill
4 Hamilton Randy Bowles TE Simon Fraser
5 Edmonton Glenn Carson OL Saskatchewan
6 Calgary Farwan Zubedi WR Washington State
7 Cal via Mont Lukas Shaver S Omaha
8 British Columbia Scott Robinson WR Simon Fraser


Pick Team Player Pos School

1 Mont via Sask Shawn Gifford OT Charleston Southern
2 Toronto Kevin Eiben S Bucknell
3 Winnipeg Nick Tsatsaronis RB Memphis
4 Hamilton Ryan Donnelly OL McMaster
5 Mont via Edm Peter Moore DL Syracuse
6 Calgary Andrew Carter OL Bishop's
7 Montreal Steve Maheu WR/P/QB Simon Fraser
8 British Columbia Kelly Bates OL Saskatchewan


Pick Team Player Pos School

1 Saskatchewan Mike Di Battista WR Omaha
2 Toronto Andre Talbot WR Wilfrid Laurier
3 Winnipeg Howie Dryden DB Manitoba
4 Hamilton Mike Waszczuk LB Slippery Rock
5 Edmonton Guillaume Petit DL Alberta
6 Calgary Jeffrey Zimmer LB Regina
7 Tor via Mont Jermaine Romans DB Acadia
8 British Columbia Dave Tucker LB Manitoba


Pick Team Player Pos School

1 Saskatchewan Jocelyn Frenette G Ottawa
2 Toronto Matt McKnight S Waterloo
3 Winnipeg Darryl Fabiani DB Western Ontario
4 Hamilton Will Grant QB Acadia
5 Edmonton William Wright DE Bishop's
6 Calgary David D'Onofrio LB York
7 Montreal Phillippe Cote QB Ottawa
8 British Columbia Eric Collings OL UBC

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Glad to see that we picked JAson French over Pat woodcock

And Eiben went in the fourth round. Where did you find this on the tsn site?

I googled "CFL draft 2001 results" and it gave me this. You gotta love google! should have this information on it's site.

your right, they should have all past draft information of this site. Maybe next year.

As a Rider fan, I would prefer that statement not be used in this forum as the Riders have a copyright on that particular slogan. I would hate to have to have our legal department get involved.

p.s. thanks for the info. Never thought of using Google. Too obvious I guess.

I used google and had trouble finding it.

Maybe you are just not Google savvy.

uh-ooh I think ure mod status might be put into question. Isn't that a requirement?

I actually thought I was. Most of the questions I answer for posters on this site is from googling. Now I have to go back to google class.