CFL Player cards

I tried googling CFL Player cards, and got a voting booth, and Player awards. (Sigh)

Does any one know if such cards exist any more? A few years ago A couple companies (Jogo, or Jojo, and Pacific) used to do them.

I'd like to find some for the Grand kids, but all I see in the local Card shop is NHL, Basketball and NFL cards.


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The only card company producing cards is JOGO, as Pacific went out of business last year. The only problem with JOGO cards, is you have no cool inserts, just a full set! There was talk this spring with another card company, but nothing came of it.

Well the proper section is on the 4th floor beside kitchenware

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Sports, try ebay. They might have some CFL cards somewhere, but they are very hard to find. Its too bad we dont have trading cards for the CFL.

Jogo is doing a good job, i’ve bought all the sets since 2003.

The 2 sets for 2005 have better quality picture, and the fact the player select their photos add some quality to it…

The gold-leaf edition for the 25th anniversary is good, but if a player sign his card, use a silver sharpie on them since the silver signature sticks to the card, not like an ordinary black sharpie where the uv coating just creates a smudge…

I don’t know why but silver sharpie is just better even if the black one was new.

Jogo also came out with 3 addition to the regular sets, which are pretty cool.

I bought all of my sets at Game Breakers in Ottawa.