CFL Player Cards, no JoGo cards anymore

Last year the CFLPA awarded Upper Deck exclusive rights to produce league player cards, thus terminating John Bradley's 30+ years of JoGo runs , and others like Extreme from being allowed to produce cards.

Then Upper Deck doesnt produce a set for 2013, and there is no word that they will do so for 2014 .... What kind of an agreement is this?

You already talked about this 6 months ago!

shagman John Bradley, President of Jogo has faithfully been creating and producing CFL player cards every season for something like 27 - 30 years. John has informed me that earlier this year the CFL pulled his license and have given it over to Upper Deck, so he is not allowed to produce a set of cards this year.

I contacted Upper Deck and got a vague reply confirming yes, they do have the license, but they don't know yet if they will do a set for 2013, do the 2013 set in 2014 , or do a 2014 set in 2014.

Sounds to me that for this year we get nothing, and who knows about next year ........ :cry:

Why would the CFL take the license away from a Canadian producer, turn it over to what I believe to be a US compnay, and worse yet with no commitment or guarantee that they will even do the work?

Fan comments ? :x

[url=]viewtopic.php?f=1&t=86495&p=1597125&hilit=cfl+player+cards#p1597125[/url] this even a thing anymore? player cards?

I have never seen player cards for the CFL on the market…and I lived in Winnipeg and Calgary and tried to find them.

cards have been out there for some years,, but dont get promoted at all