CFL Player Awards

I think they are tonight at 9pm Eastern time on TSN? Can anybody confirm this?

Just found it. 9:30-10:30pm Eastern Time on TSN.

6:30 Pacific.

And, I would trade all of our nominees for a Grey Cup any day!

Surprisingly, BC won more awards than expected. Outstanding player, offensive lineman, Canadian, rookie and defensive player. Next, grey cup and coach of the year too? Normally, there are winners from both divisions but the west dominated this time. Perhaps, no one is really deserving from the east.

Impressive.....they earned it. Good job boys, good job.

Lions won...
Most Outstanding Player - Geroy Simon
Most Outstanding Defensive Player - Brent Johnson
Most Outstanding Canadian - Brent Johnson
Most Outstanding Rookie - Aaron Hunt
Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman - Rob Murphy
Tom Pate Award - Mark Washington
Roger's CFL Fan's Choice Award - Geroy Simon

Next, Grey Cup!

I am thinking that there may be a minus to this.

  1. the guys get too cocky and fail to perform on sunday

  2. too much celebrating causes failure to perform.

There can be too much of a good thing.

True, but OTOH, maybe it'll get them to really perform on Sunday, to show that the awards went to the right guys.

Many will say "I'll trade the awards for a Grey Cup anyday." I say, "I'll take both."

The thing thats makes the CFL unique than other pro sports(except the NHL) is the annual player awards ceremony. The Thing that I would like to know is why don't they just have the coach of the year announced during the ceremony instead of waiting until the BOG meetings. It makes no sense to wait till then, they should announced it the same times as the other awards. Also the rookie of the year award should be separated into the offensive and defensive rookie of the year award.