CFL Player Awards Televised?

Hi fellas,

Are the Rogers CFL Player Awards going to be televised? If so, on which channel and at what time?

I thank you for your time.


It looks like there's a conflict with the U.S Thanksgiving Day schedule on tsn (Colts vs Falcons) so they're showing it on Sunday 3 PM ET

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I'm not going to watch it. What's the point unless it's live. Your already going to know the results by Sunday, are you going to watch it to hear the pro athletes eloquent acceptance speeches?

Actually Bowtie, I enjoy watching guys who don't make a living talking in front of cameras, do the acceptance speech thing. See how nervous they are and that.

To each his own. Yes I should remember that.

However, their audience would be higher, if it was live. I won't watch, if I already know the results.


god.. TSN?? wake up! I'd rather see the awards Ceremony then the Stupid NFL.

Thats stupid... They should give to CBC or something... Thats pathetic.