CFL Player Awards - (Spoiler Alert)

Most Outstanding Player:
Jon Cornish (CGY) | Ricky Ray (TOR)

Most Outstanding Defensive Player:
Charleston Hughes (CGY) | Chip Cox (MTL)

Most Outstanding Canadian:
Jon Cornish (CGY) | Henoc Muamba (WPG)

Most Outstanding Special Teams Player:
Rene Paredes (CGY) | Marc Beswick (HAM)

Most Outstanding Rookie:
Brett Jones (CGY) | CJ Gable (HAM)

Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman:
Brendon LaBatte (SSK) | Jeff Keeping (TOR)

Tom Pate Award
Kyries Hebert (MTL)

I have no problem with Cornish as MOP certainly when the alternative was Ray! However I do take issue especially with Jones for Rookie and Cox (who in my opinion is a sneaky, dirty player) as DP.

Jones is a part of the O line I believe blocking for the QB and RBs and a Canadian who was familiar with the game.

Gable is an American who did not know the game but has come in and played at a high level! Like Jones he blocks for the QB BUT he does so much more! Receiver, RB and I believe plays on STS and they thought that Jones was more deserving?? I TOTALLY boggles my mind! :x :thdn: :roll:

K/Ps should have their own award. To think Parades was as comprehensive an ST player like Beswick is ridiculous.

Getting shut out of awards plays right into our under-dog paws.

It's impressive that the award voters spent so much time this season watching and evaluating the performance of Calgary's rookie centre.

Josh Bartel should get special teams. He won't because punter isn't glamourus, but he should.

You will not see a punter get so many coffin corners, get so many good bounces, get such good distance (even in heavy wind) is able to punt that well on the run and get away botched snaps, and is still capable of making tackles and perfectly willing to do so.

Swayze Waters and Ricky Schmidt were more dominant punters this year in my opinion,

Thank You for your recognition :wink:

C.J. Gable is still the Rookie of year in my mind no matter how biased the voting is and definitely Burris over Ray, although Burris was not officially a contender in the final balloting, Ray missed how many games? Burris racked up almost another 5,000 yard season, Tiger-Cats just take all that negative crap, media and press that are being thrown your way this week along with the fact that TSN and other so called media experts are predicting a big Saskatchewan win and use it to your ability on the field in Regina on Sunday, Let's show the CFL and the media that once again the Tiger-Cats can overcome and rise to victory, that will be the ultimate of awards for every player on the team!!

The only hardware we need to worry about... gets handed out this Sunday!

Well said ... if Gable played for Toronto the result might have been different.

Don't know why I am surprised by getting shafted yet again. Gable clearly deserved it, but I am most pissed off about Beswick. That guy is the hardest-working ST player in the league and has been for several years. Leads the league in tackles, amazing blocker and he has 2 TDs this year. Total joke. Oh well, clearly we get no respect and even after we win the cup it will be all about how Sask lost and not how we won.