CFL Player Award Nominees.....

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My choices, given these nominees;


  • EAST: Damon Allen
  • WEST: Charles Roberts
  • WINNER: Damon Allen


  • EAST: Agustin Barrenechea
  • WEST: Brent Johnson
  • WINNER: Agustin Barrenechea


  • EAST: Korey Banks
  • WEST: Gavin Walls
  • WINNER: Gavin Walls


  • EAST: Scott Flory
  • WEST: Gene Makowsky
  • WINNER: Gene Makowsky


  • EAST: ... errr. I'm kinda surprised by the East nominees... err... Jeff Keeping?... Maybe?
  • WEST: Gavin Walls
  • WINNER: Gavin Walls


  • EAST: Damon Duval
  • WEST: Sandro DeAngelis
  • WINNER: Damon Duval

Player: Allen
Canadian: Barrenechea
Defense: Walls
Lineman: Makowsky
Rookie: Walls
Special Teams: Holmes

I was really surprised to see a unanimous nod for Ray.....not sure why.....just was.....

east: Allen will get it, even though I think Calvillo is more important to his team
West: Roberts. only clear standout for his team of any of the 5 teams nominees
Winner: Allen

East: Eiben - hello he leads the league in tackles, nuff said.
west: Napastuk - with a three man line, he does a lot for the Calgary defence
Winner: Eiben

East: Korey Banks - best choice of them all, I would have said Eiben but he wasn''t nominated
West: Eddie Davis - plays against all the top slot backs and usually shuts them down.(probably won't get it though)
Winner: Davis

East: Flory
West: Makowsky
Winner Makowsky -- man my province generates some damn good o-linemen.

East: Proulx. not the best choices in my opinion
West: Walls (beats out DeAngelis by a nose)
Winner Walls

Special teams
east: Duval - point leader
west: corey holmes (can go at any time, plus he is the all purpose leader)
winner: Holmes

I might be a bit biased in some of my picks, but hey, I have that right

player: allen
canadian: cahoon
defence: walls
Lineman: makowsky
rookie: tompkins
special teams: holmes

THANKS for the article.... :smiley:

WINNERS :smiley:

M.O. Player : ALLEN :smiley:

Canadian : Kelly Whilshire / but I hope...EIBAN!

defence : Otis Floyd

linemen : Jay McNeil / but I hope , Jude St.John!

rookie : Ryan Phillips

special : Noel Prefontaine or Corey Holmes

Calvillo verus Allen in the east; here's my take:

I can make a strong case for Calvillo. Last year he hit 6,000 yards and had 4 receivers over 1,000 yards; this year, with basically different receivers (but for Cahoon) he again is near 6,000 with 4 receivers at 1,000 yards.

Now, often you can't tell if a QB makes his receivers look good or if the receivers are making the QB look good, but in this case, given the above, clearly it is the QB. So that makes a strong case for Calvillo. But I think Allen will win and here's why:

  1. Sentiment will come into play. Calvillo has won this before and come close on other occasions; despite his long career, Allen never has won it.

  2. Montreal was first place in the east the past few seasons; this year Toronto has supplanted them.

  3. Last time the teams went head to head, Allen outplayed Calvillo by a country mile.

So, for those 3 reasons, Allen gets the nod over Calvillo.

Are these votes or predictions? I'm generally terrible at picking the finalists, but I can usually pick the winners once the finalists have been chosen. Nevertheless, here's my predictions for who I think will win. I'm also including my picks, if I were to vote:

Special Teams
EAST: TOR Noel Prefontaine - K/P (near the top in punting and in field goals.)
WEST: SSK Corey Holmes - KR (Fantastic kick returner. And he's a terrific running back too, which has nothing to do with this award, but you know it's on the minds of the voters.)
CFL: SSK Corey Holmes - KR (Kick returners are more high-profile than kickers. A great kicker might help put butts in the seats, but a great kick returner will get the butts out of the seats.)
My pick: SSK Corey Holmes

EAST: OTT Greg Moss – DB (Shone on one of the league's weaker teams.)
WEST: EDM Tony Tompkins - WR/KR (Great kick returner.)
CFL: OTT Greg Moss – DB (hard for a special teams player to win out over a guy who is one of the starting 24.)
My pick: HAM Jesse Lumsden (If he had played the entire season, he'd win this hands down.)

EAST: HAM Wayne Smith - G (Come on, give me this!)
WEST: BC Bobby Singh - OL (Who knows?)
CFL: BC Bobby Singh - OL (Ticat vs Lion? Who would you pick?)
My pick: HAM Wayne Smith (Linemen are tough to pick, because usually the only time you hear their name is when they do something wrong, like hold or miss a block.)

EAST: OTT Korey Banks - DB (Ball hawk.)
WEST: WPG Gavin Walls - DE (Because they didn't pick him for rookie.)
CFL: OTT Korey Banks - DB (No question.)
My pick: EDM Joe Montford (He made the entire Eskimo defence better just by being on the field.)

Outstanding Canadian
EAST: MTL Ben Cahoon - SB (Doesn't he always win?)
WEST: WPG Jon Ryan - P (Didn't he break the punting average record?)
EAST: MTL Ben Cahoon - SB (Again, doesn't he always win?)
My pick: HAM Agustin Barrenechea (what can I say? I'm a homer.)

Outstanding Player:
EAST: TOR Damon Allen - QB (His best season in 21 years.)
WEST: EDM Ricky Ray - QB (More passing yards and more touchdown passes than Allen.)
EAST: TOR Damon Allen - QB (Sentimental favourite. Could be his last shot.)
My pick: TOR Damon Allen.

I'm not an amazing "crunch the numbers" kinda guy. And wouldn't be any good at claiming who should win what. I do know that Lumsden should get yanked off the rookie nom. Isn't there a minimum number of games you have to play? Is he the only rookie on the team? I think it's silly, he really didn't do anything all year. I hope he comes back next year ready to split linebackers in half, but there is no way his name should have even come up. I know we were bad, but surely another rookie could have gotten the nod.

disclaimer: (please read this like I'm talking is a calm, conversational voice. I don't want anyone tearing me a new hole because they think I'm hacking on Lumsden)

Hey BigDave, what ever happened to Jaimie Boreham? Not even the special team nominee in Steeltown?

And, really, how can you give the nod to an offensive lineman from BC? Their QBs got rammed down more often than a veteran prostitute.

haha :slight_smile:

If I had a choice, I'd have picked Boreham, whose field goal kicking was terrific, and whose punting was adequate. (I've always said I'd rather have a kicker who can punt than a punter who can kick.) I think we've got some returners, like Kahlil Hill and Jesse Lumsden, who might have had a better shot if they had been here all season. Craig Yeast had some great returns, and would probably had been a hands-down nominee, except that he was rarely on special teams.

Right, but in 1999, when the Ticats allowed only 7 sacks all season, they couldn't get an offensive lineman chosen as a finalist. In fact I think they had only one on the Eastern all-star team.

Who knows how they pick these players. Like I said, lineman is the hardest one to pick, and unless you look at a lot of game film, you really can't make a determination as to who did the best job. I was just guessing.

True, it is not easy to notice them. But some do standout. Just take a look at the Roger's player of the game votes (on the front page) Who are the top three guys on that list (all positions included)? Damon Allen, Ricky Ray and... Gene Makowsky. Geez. Someone must have noticed this guy's hard work for him to rank above all the running backs and receivers of the league, less to say all QBs but two.

As well, if you watched Alouettes games, you most probably saw Scott Flory often. Maybe you did not realized it was him, but when Robert Edwards runs the ball while following a blocker (he often runs with his hand in the lineman's back to let him know were he is) who's that blocker in front of him? 90% of the time, its Flory. Scott is a major factor in the Als having a running game this year.

I am only going to comment on the most Out standing Player.

A.C. 661 attempts 437 complications 66.1% 5556 yards 12.7 yrds avg 34TD 19 Int 10 wins
D.A. 549 attempts 352 complications 64.1% 5082 yards 14.4 yrds avg 33TD 15 int 11 wins

I think Calvillo should win but I think they will give it to Allen for sentimental reasons