CFL Player Award Nominees released..


Toronto -- The Canadian Football League announced today the nominees for the 2009 Gibson’s Finest CFL Player Awards.

Voters were asked to select players from their local CFL division who, through on-field performance excellence, best represent the awards’ title – Most Outstanding Player, Most Outstanding Canadian Player, Most Outstanding Defensive Player, Most Outstanding Offensive Lineman, Most Outstanding Rookie and Most Outstanding Special Teams Player.

The East and West Player Award winners were selected by 62 voters, including members of the Football Reporters of Canada (FRC) and CFL head coaches.

The winners will be announced at the 2009 Gibson’s Finest CFL Player Awards show during Grey Cup week on Thursday, November 26 at the TELUS Convention Centre in Calgary, Alberta.

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Below are the East and West Division nominees:

    • Indicates a unanimous selection

PLAYER Joffrey Reynolds Anthony Calvillo
DEFENSIVE PLAYER John Chick Anwar Stewart
CANADIAN PLAYER Ricky Foley Ben Cahoon
Jason Arakgi Larry Taylor
Martell Mallett
Jonathan Hefney
Ben Archibald
Scott Flory

huh.. not too many surprises here.

Calvillo 2nd straight MOP.. I figure

Chick for Defensive player

Cahoon for Canadian

Taylor for Special Teams

Mallett for Rookie

Flory for Offensive Lineman

I can see all the Esks fans, calling for Whitlock as Rookie...

Can some one fill me in on why anwar stewart was picked for east MODP? IMO markeith Knowlton had the best season, followed by eiben, then Doug Brown, THEN Stewart

I thought Stewart had the worst season of the four

probably because of all his sacks he had...

Just one thing to say... LLLAAAAAAAAAMMMEEE!!! That's all. :wink:

Everything that needs to be said was stated in the All-Star post. If Mallett is a better running back, he has to be a better rookie, regardless of how brutal the All-Star selection was. When Whitlock hoists the Grey Cup on Nov. 29th it won't matter who got what award. Just ask Sandro.

he didnt even break the 10 sack barrier

Markeith knowlten had 2 sack 4 picks and like 93 tackles

Jonathan Hefney is a better choice than Mallett. Quality RBs are a dime a dozen compared to quality DBs.

My vote would be for Hefney. . . on top of what Blue Blood says, running backs also have a much shorter shelf life in the CFL than DBs.

And I agree Knowlton over Stewart.

Calgary police have been maintaining a vigil at Sandro DeAngelis' house. He has been reported to be holding his breath and refusing to come out until the CFL gives him the West nomination for Special Teams player.

A linebacker is typically going to get a lot more tackles than a DE much like how a DE is much more likely to get sacks compared to a LB. There is a lot more to what Stewart brings to the table than what can be shown in the stats column. In addition to his 9 sacks and 39 tackles, he had 1 interception this year (not many DEs get any), a lot of hurries, many of his tackles were for losses, he has tipped quite a few passes some of which led to interceptions by his teammates. He has been a very dominant DE for some time now and this was easily one of his best years. He is extremely athletic and has very good awareness of whats going on on the field and is a catalyst on a defence that allowed the least points all year. To say that he is not deserving to be the East defensive player at hte very least would mean you havent watched very many als games this year

Hopefully, Montreal doesn't win every award in which a Montreal player is nominated. But a complete sweep is not impossible. In the past, voters tend to favor spreading some awards west and east. Also offensive players usually beat defensive players. Other players have more quarterback sacks than Stewart. But he is the representative for top defense in CFL and voters bias favor players from better teams.

Jovon Johnson should have won special teams player for the east :thdn:

right, cause he was better than Larry Taylor? :roll:

Have you compared their stats?

Jovon Johnson:
Punt Returns: 65 for 593 yards, average 9.1, 1 TD
Kick Returns: 44 for 1049 yards, average 23.8, 0 TD
Missed FG returns: 3 for 203 yards, average 67.7, 1 TD

Larry Taylor:
Punt Returns: 89 for 788 yards, average 8.9, 2 TDs
Kick Returns: 51 for 1048 yards, average 20.5, 0 TD
Missed FG returns: 2 for 124 yards, average 62 yards, 1 TD

Jovon Johnson's averages are higher than Larry Taylor's but Taylor has one more TD.

Johnson vs. Taylor for special teams East was a close pick. Taylor likely got it just b/c of the extra TD even though his averages are worse. I could see that going either way though.

But Mallet over Whitlock? :roll: Of ALL the following statistics relevant to both players, Whitlock leads in 10/12 categories.

Whitlock: 211 carries for 1293 yards (6.1 yards per carry). 12 rushing TDs. longest carry of 60 yards. 5 fumbles
Mallet: 214 carries for 1240 yards(5.8 yards per carry). 6 rushing TDs. longest carry of 54 yards. 2 fumbles.

Whilock: 44 catches for 392 yards(8.9 yards per catch). longest of 35 yards. 1 receiving TD.
Mallet: 43 catches for 342 yards(8.0 yards per catch). longest of 26 yards. 2 receiving TDs.

Kick Returning
Whitlock: 14 returns for 397 yards(28.4 yards per return). longest of 65 yards.
Mallet: 10 returns for 225 yards(22.5 yards per return). longest of 49 yards.

And even if "head to head" statistics somehow play into the decision, if you look at the 3 games Whitlock put up better #'s than Mallet once again. Oh well. I'm sure Whitty is not too concerned about it as long as the Esks do well in the playoffs.

i havent watched many als games this season, i recently got married and had a child, and its really hard to find time ha ha....

but almost a hundred tackles for a SAM linebacker is pretty huge, 4 picks and 2 sacks on top of that is pretty good...

i still stand by my opinion... however you did clear it up for me a little, thanks