CFL Play of the year

TSN is running an article on the CFL play of the year, and it’s Durant shaking off 3 tackles to throw for a TD versus the jaw-shattering hit Jaime Boreham threw on BC’s Grice-Mullen.

This was a tough vote for me, as both were freaking awesome, but my vote is going to Jaime because (not to take away from Darian’s feat), this was Darian’s job, and expected of him, albeit amazing. Yes it is Jaime’s job too, to be the last resort on escaping kick returners, but the additional bacon he put into it, isn’t something you ever see on kickers/punters.

Fun to watch both though.

I think the play of the year has already been eliminated, that catch that Cahoon made early in the season against the Riders was play of the year in my mind. I think Durant probably has the next best play.

What about the Getzlaf catch for a td that was the deciding factor in the first Calgary game.

Has it really come down to 2 Rider plays? That’s awesome. I think that as cool as the Boreham hit was, it was just physics. The guy went up, Boreham ended up hitting him in the legs while in the air… result is he spins around before falling to Earth. Not really Boreham’s doing, except to be there and hit him. Meanwhile Durant acted like Huodini to escape the sure sack. Although, I think Durant’s escape in the last Calgary game was even better. Then announcers called him sacked and then he escapes and throws a huge first down (and since we ended up winning that game, but losing the Montreal game, I’ve gotta say that that one was better).

I had two favourites this year. The Armstead touchdown being number 1.

But 2nd to that would be the Jovon Johnson run. A combination of great blocking and genius cuts. That guy deserves some big props for sure.

*Durant did have lots of solid plays this year as well, but we're talking about something you don't see very often.

I thought those 2 plays were for the west side final and will go up against Javon Johnson (east side finalist) for the Overall Play Of The Year.

You're right, those are two semi-finalists.

Ahhh you are right. I thought for some reason that there was a mix in each of the pools as opposed to East/West.

My bad!

The CFL play of the year is easily one of many Bishop long bombs, to several different Bomber receivers. Too many to chose from, to just go with one. Bishop to Bowman, Bishop to Edwards etc etc

Also, Bishop knocking himself out on his own teammate was pretty wild too :lol:

Well if we're going with a Bishop play, I nominate the play where he ran into John Chicks arm and fell down.