CFL Play of the Year Showdown - VOTE FOR ARLAND BRUCE !


I voted for Bruce, but I gatta say its a lost cause.
The SJ Green catch was amazing.

Sorry, I had to go with my conscience and vote S.J. Green. Incredible.!

Single aspect of a play of the year, Green no question. Overall holistic aspect of play, Argos Owens/Durie wins.

I agree, but am voting Owens/Durie because I don't believe the Green catch should have counted. To my eye, his upper body touched the dead ball line before a foot scraped across the endzone turf.

Will have to replay that but, no offence ottawacat, I think you are nitpicking to a degree that is too nitpicking, just what I think. Let the play be as it is, it's not like the Argos Montreal game on weekend where the guy in endzone, forget his name, kicking it out at the end, was clearly out of bounds even though the Argos would have lost anyways on that play.

Can't tell from that clip, but at the time it happened the replays showed his foot was down in bounds first.

Guys and gals, forget the foot, his elbow touches in bounds. An elbow counts like a toe or foot or hip or knee. It was a catch.

I don't have much defence, either!
As Blogskee pointed out, I guess the elbow may qualify it as a catch. But, if so, only by inches.

This shows different angles and, in all but the first angle, you can hit the start/stop (arrow & II) repeatedly to judge it. No question, either way, it was outstanding and will undoubtedly be the winner.

Definitely it's #1 out of these four. And I can't think of another play on offence all year (so far) that would come close, including Bruce's TD catch in Toronto (amazing, but not quite at this level). Actually, his TD run through the whole team in this first set is probably the closest. Too bad it was in the same group; it might have made runner up.

Some other Ticats defence or ST plays that might come close:

  • Thiggy's return where he jumped over the kicker before taking it in for the TD;
  • Johnson's 3rd down tackle - you know the one;
  • Bagg's TD return in Montreal

I'm sure I'm missing some.

You didn't read it correctly. It's asking to vote for the best play. Not your favourite team or favourite player.

Very rarely do people actually vote for the "best" play if it isn't the player on their team. As a case in point, have you ever seen a roughrider player lose an online poll?

Here's another video of the TSN broadcast and if you wait unitl near the end they'll frezze at the point where his elbow is touching in bounds.

I didn't watch the game, but when I first saw the highlights, I too thought he was out of bounds but after seeing other videos like this one I beleive the refs were right.

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