CFL Play Finder?

Is there anything comparable to this for the CFL?

Interesting. We have something like that as an internal tool, the Video Database (you search for play specifics and it’ll show you the play + video clips of it), but nothing external. Below I’ve pulled up touchdown passes Bo Levi has thrown for at least 20 yards in the 2019 regular season.

That would be absolutely incredible if it was made public. I’m sure there’s reasons the TV rights deal prohibits it from being released, but being able to see video of any play would be awesome.

Is this where media members get all their videos/gifs from?(Looking at you, Marshall Ferguson).

We really should think about how to make more of the system; it’s really not that challenging for me to offer it publicly. And yeah, Marsh has access, as does the rest of the Football Reporters of Canada (FRC) membership.

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That’s really cool. How far back can you get plays from?

Shamefully, only back to 2004. We either need to get video footage from before then or find paper play-by-play records to get games before then online. :frowning:

Still better than nothing!