CFL play clock

I was watching the New England/Buffalo game, and with about 1:41 left, the Patriots took a knee to run out the clock. I think it's incredibly cheap how you can end a game with that much time left, especially since the Bills scored a TD in 15 seconds.

Anyway, it got me thinking about the play clock in the CFL... You don't really see a lot of teams in the CFL taking a knee with that much time left. How long is the CFL play clock?

The play clock is 20 seconds

This is one of the main reasons I prefer Canadian football to American football. It never made sense to me to have time on the clock with players, coaches and fans on the field as the clock continued to tick down as often happens in American football. In my mind, teams should be forced to move the ball for successive first downs or otherwise give up possession. :cowboy:

CFL's similar to NBA. It's a good space of time.

20 seconds? Wow… I thought maybe it’d be around 30. I’m surprised there aren’t more play clock violations. :lol:

I agree with you, High Five, a game shouldn’t end with a team taking a knee so early. Just look at the Eskimos/Bombers game… if that’d been a NFL game, the Eskimos could’ve just taken a knee and ended the game. But instead they had to keep punting… And as close as I was to having a stroke watching that game, I’m glad they weren’t able to take a knee. Play until the end.

well unlike the nfl thats starts almst immediatly after the previous play ends. the 20 second stops until the ref places the ball and blows play in. by that action they start the clock allowing 20 second in a huddle and to snap. they are instances like time outs injures or even when the clock stops that an opffence can be set for the play before being whistled in.

I got a kick out of Trestman's remarks about the CFL clock VS the NFL's
He said....Its amazing. With 2 minutes left in the NFL you can walk off the field but you can have 3 or 4 possessions each in the CFL!

it is so true too

The lat three minutes of the second and fourth quarter can take just as much time as the prvious 12 minutes....
I noticed this by watch recently playede games on TSN....The cursor on the bottom of the screen is often only half way across and yet the clock reads 2:55

...which is why teams try to take the wind in the 2nd and 4th quarters.

So i have a question. If the play clock is 20 seconds what if the QB has the ball for a long time on his 5 yard line and he does a screen pass to the fullback who is kind of slow but still is able to run down the field. If it takes more than 20 seconds is the play dead? or is ait just for QB kneels? If so thats so unfair.

The play clock resets once the ball is hiked, and it doesn't start again until the play is done or the ref whistles the next play...

you have 20 seconds to start the play… not finish it. :expressionless:

oh, i think you have 40 seconds in the NFL. Atleast you do on Madden.

in the nfl it is 40 or 45 seconds from the placement of the ball on the field by ref. The clock starts ticking and they can take as much time as they need to complete the play. Unless it is a really long play, (i.e. running across the field instead of down the field) the average play likely lasts about 7 seconds.

In madden football, you can run around killing time if you know what you are doing. That is why they limit the time on play.

You have to be either an Argo fan or a Ti-Cat fan to see the downside to this. The extra time and possessions just gives us more opportunity for heartbreak. :roll:

Als fan, actually. :lol:

And what makes you think that I found it to be a downside?

I don't think he was suggesting you saw the downside...I think he was intimating that fans of the other two teams found the downside...

I assume you are talking to Chief, otherwise I'm not sure what you mean?