CFL Play-by-Play needs.....

…a time clock…there is nothing on the scoreboard that indicates what sort of time is left in the quarter they are playing in…if the stat guys can mark down each and every play would it be difficult to add a time clock column I wonder?..otherwise its a nifty tool to keep track of a currently being played game…

Where is the PBP link?

I noticed that also. Sometimes they have the time in the play-by-play listing, but there should be some kind of timeclock.

Also with the new design format, I don't see any hot button to find the play-by-play. It took me a fair bit of time to find it. I'm sure many fans would not be able to find it or even know it's there.

There should be a CFL LIVE PLAY-BY-PLAY - CLICK HERE box. And it should not be keep such a secret! Even with the old format it was not promoted well and was easy to miss. It is a tremendous feature and should be highlighted!! :thup:

Go to the main forum page, go to the bar ads, and click "Purolator Game Day"

You can also find the link on the home page when in the news section

I agree. Some sort of clock would be nice. As it is right now, you have absolutely no idea which quarter is being played, or how much time is left in the quarter.

It does indicate the quarter being played with each play that is posted there.

Yeah, I completely forgot about that... so just a clock then. :oops: