CFL Pink - Breast Cancer Awareness

Anyone know when the CFL Pink / Breast Cancer Awareness game will be held @ IWS this season?

The league just has a "Stay Tuned" on their website.

The Cancer Awareness game is on Oct 12.
Various charities groups will be at Ivor Wynne on that day to raise cancer awareness and money to help support the cause.
The Ron Lancaster Chaptor of CFL Fans Fight Cancer, Box J Boys and volunteers from Hamilton's own Wellwood Cancer Support Centre will be selling commemorative Ticat/Ivor Wynne Stadium scarves at a special price with a portion of the proceeds going to benefit Wellwoods programs.
Come out and support your Cats, Community and help end Cancer!
Jarrett Harris
Founder/Coordinator CFL Fans Fight Cancer

I was thinking about that yesterday, Ill be pinked out that night, Great Cause! Thanks for the Info guys!
Oskie Wee Wee :rockin:

So this year's game is also against the Lions. What a weird coincidence.

I would really like the CFL to do something for Movember. The vast majority of CFL fans are males and doing some fun stuff with Movember would be great.

Thank-you very much! The GF & daughter always enjoy this game! Got a great pick of them decked out in their Pink TiCat gear with JJ from last year's game!

Can't wait!

I agree Blogskee, the typical CFL fan is the perfect demograhpic to spread the word about male cancers and mental health.
The Movember team interviewed me last week and for a Bio during November!
I hope we get a huge Movember team this year!

I know they use pink to bring awareness to breast cancer but do they use any other colours for other kinds of cancer?
I was watching the Seattle game the other day and they had a neon green thing going on. I'm not sure if that is their colours ( I hope not), that's why I was wondering if they were bringing attention to some other form of cancer society.
Just wondering.

As with many "awareness" campaigns organizations affiliate themselves with a colour or selection of colours. Breast Cancer is pink while Autism Awareness is a rainbow of colours laid out in a jigsaw puzzle formation to exemplify the complexity of the condition. Most high profile have rights to the colour and you need expressed written permission to use to represent a cancer fighting effort.

Regarding the Seattle neon. It' s not an awareness campaign. Both Seattle's NFL and MLS teams have this in their uni's. The only awareness there is, with that neon green, you will be aware of them crossing an unlit intersection at night!

I hope this helps.

Thanks Jare
I've seen that autism patten before, I didn't know what it was but I do now.
I think the creators of the Seattle uniforms have a fashion design disability, it's hard to believe a team would go with such a bright colour.
Makes us appreciate the black and gold of the Ticats that much more.