CFL Pickem Pool?

Anyone interested in a CFL pickem pool!

My friend and I put one together. Check it out, any feedback would be great.


why not just join FSN

Just one more option!
I’ll do more than one pool this season.

Still looking for poolsters for this CFL pickem pool!

I know most people will wait till the last minute!
We are trying to get some picks in early to try and lessen that last minute rush.
Deadline is June 17
Any questions just ask!

Took a look at your web page. Fancy.

I tried to come up with something similar a few years ago for the VGCC, but decided to leave it the way it is, to allow people to elaborate on their picks and get some discussion going.

:wink: Just to remind people that the Virtual Grey Cup Challenge is still a go, right here on this forum.

We now have 28 people signed up for this pool! With TC just starting, I am getting alot of email with questions about the pool!
We hope to see more of you sign up soon. You can pick online or mail your picks in.

Rember deadline is June 17th