CFL Pick Em questions

I can't find rules about actually picking things. Can you change a pick before game time? Pick page also shows games in week 2, do we have to pick those now or can we wait until next week? Will we be able to see all the standings of us all week by week? What do I do if my wife and kids have better picks than Me?

I believe you can change your pick right up to game time. How close I'm not sure. So you don't have to pick any games in advance. I don't know when they publish the standings. If your family makes better picks give up and let them do it.

To try to answer everything:

  • You can change picks as long as the interface at offers the "Change Pick" button; it locks when the game begins.
  • You can make picks for any game listed at , so go ahead and make picks for Week 2!
  • I never got around to building a public interface to see the leaderboard week-to-week, but the winner of each week can be viewed at Leaderboard | Total CFL Pick 'Em (and then select Weekly)
  • I'd create a new Group at Total CFL Pick 'Em , marking it as Private, and then use the Share Group link to invite your family into that Group. That gives you a handy way to compare your scores to theirs. :slight_smile: