CFL Pick 'Em Marquee Matchup: The battle of high-flying offences

WINNIPEG — If you’re looking for offence, you’re going to want to tune into the first game of Week 3 in the CFL.

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When in doubt, always go with the team led by a QB who’s 29-4 as a starter if he’s starting… and he’s definitely starting.

I will be curious as to how willing Buck and Mike will try to assert their running game tonight? And if it doesn’t have immediate success will they keep pushing it? And How will Zach react to not having a dominant running game if things don’t go great in that department? It’s not like he’s used to playing a one-dimensional offensive game plan.

I don’t doubt that Zach can still handle things well and show why he’s still MOP material. And I also don’t doubt the Bombers defense will show up to play, as usual, and fire up the crowd.

I’m thinking Mizzell could get plenty of work for the Lions, and while I’m sure the Bombers defense can contain him to reasonable yards it should keep that defense from being able to completely guess pass or run before the ball is snapped. That will help VA’s game. From what I’ve seen so far Mizell can get yards on his own. Different from Butler, who does well when everything else is going well around him. Sorry I was never a big fan of Butler, kinda glad he’s gone.

It’s still a Bombers win unless the Lions can say and do otherwise. BC has lots to prove still.

I think both WPG coaches understand that rushing is “wear’em down” style of offense. Running the ball tends to produce modest yardage at the start, but increases its production the longer you stick with it. Mix that with a good passing attack, and mixing the two styles to keep the defense off balance and you have set yourself up for executing a lot of long clock-eating drives as the game goes on. As long as they get any results at the start, I don’t see them giving up on the running game.

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I would agree completely. I think the Lions need to stop the run early and force some punts to keep the game close in the first half, if they can’t, it should be business as usual for the Bombers. I see too many times teams not running the ball enough in the second half because they’re scared of being a little behind on the scoreboard, and not taking advantage of a tiring opponent’s defense. Generally, the Bombers don’t have that problem.

I would also add that offensive linemen love run blocking. They live for it, so they can inflict cruelty on their opponents. Keep those big guys happy and in turn everyone else on the offense will be happy as well. :sunglasses: It’s funny how often it works out that way.

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Definitely. It’s always more fun to hit than to BE hit.

I think that most people underestimate Augustine. He’s a different style runner than Oliveira for sure but he has way more speed. I don’t think there will be much of a drop off, just that he’s not a power back that can run over defenses late and chew the clock up later in the game. He does have way more chance of breaking a big play.

yeah, people that don’t watch Bomber games probably would underestimate him. With Oliveira out I’m guessing he’ll get plenty of chances tonight to show his stuff. Before the start of last season I probably would have picked him over Oliveira to lead the way so I won’t be underestimating him. lol

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I also would have picked him over Oliveira last year.

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I remember Labour Day and Banjo Bowl in 2019 when Augustine filled in for harris. His rushing AND receiving yardage was almost exactly what Harris was averaging that year. If Augustine isn’t too rusty I’d bet he will do just fine.

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