CFL photo archive

At almost 2200 photos to choose from, I am having a weekend sale, starting today you can download high resolution player photos directly at a greatly reduced price. Print them at home or get them printed elsewhere, any size print.

Thanks and if you haven't seen the site, it's worth a look.


So Madjack is back at it with his word of wisdom. Last time he belittled my efforts to share a piece of CFL history on the Montreal fan forum I removed Montreal from the galleries, it was other Montreal fans that asked me to put the Montreal photos back on line.

Madjack, I really don't know what your issue is with me wanting to earn a little income back on the thousands of hours I have put into this player archive. When I get messages from former players from the 60's, 70's and 80's saying how great it is to be remembered, how great it is to step back into the memories they shared with team mates, when I get familes wanting to get copies to surprise there parents or grandparents with photos when Dad or Grandpa played. Then hearing that their Dad cried when he saw the photos and looked at them all the time, and then hearing that he passed away shorty after. It's all worth it.

Then I hear comments from an ungreatful Montreal fan like you and it really puts it into perspective, you don't deserve to ever call yourself a CFL fan.

When the CFL and TSN praise my efforts to keep the memories alive for the fans and players, I know that what I'm doing is worth the effort, and the right thing. I could have left these negatives in a box and no one would have ever seen them, including you, I expect that you have gone through all the photos and remembered games you may have been to, watching players when you were a kid, and then you choose to dump on my efforts.

You have once again embarrassed Montreal fans.

Scott Grant

While I enjoy looking through the pictures on your site, I can understand MadJack's feelings on this. One of the guidelines for the CFL Talk forum states:

  1. Do not flood the forums with advertisements.

I initially considered reporting your posts to be in violation this guideline, but then decided not to for the following reasons:

  • You have limited your advertisements to a single thread (per team), and therefore aren't really "flooding the forums" with your ads;
  • You only post occasionally after adding significant numbers of photos to your site, again not "flooding the forums" with your ads;
  • Your pictures are CFL-related and would be of interest to many CFL fans (although a link straight to the CFL pages might have been better).

MadJack, given these points, perhaps you could just ignore Scott's threads?

imagemaker if you only come here to try to make some money and never actually talk football with us, that makes you a shill and you have no right whatsoever to criticize me the way you just did.

Love the pictures, always have. . . but if your only purpose in posting is to make some money then you are in violation of the rules, not I.

Wrong. I have never before and do not now belittle your efforts to 'share a piece of CFL history". It's only when you post advertisement about some "sale" you're having that I call you a shill.

If the shoe fits. . .

And why is that? Because I don’t want to buy what you’re selling?

I come here to chat CFL football with fellow fans; that is what these forums are for. . . you come here to try to make some money; which is not what these forums are for. . . so who’s the fan, again ? Do you ever chat football with us?

Don’t get me wrong; I like making money every bit as much as the next person. But there’s a time and a place. This ain’t the place.

my 2 cents....

@ imagemaker46, keep posting & the good work....

If some fans don't like it, then they can ignore the topic all together......

To those that have an issue with what I post, I do chat on here, I have made comments to you Madjack and the photos you posted on the Als forum when you made your trip to Regina, stating that you "must be a real fan" I have added comments about Ottawa getting a team back in Ottawa, my views on how the footballs they are using this season are not as good as they used to be, I'm still playing the game at 55 years old, how you guys doing? So if I don't comment on every issue on this forum makes me less of of a CFL fan than anyone else.

The thing is, I have something that no one in Canada has, I have stood on the sidelines in this league since 1969, in the rain, snow and heat, with some of the greatest players in front of me, and I have recorded them good bad and ugly, and I have chosen to share this with fans of this this great league, and I get dumped on for my efforts. I post to other team forums, I chat on other team forums, I have friends on these other forums that are interested when I add players that they are looking for.

To be honest it does bother me that not everyone appreciates the work I do. I'm not asking anyone to buy the photos. I work on my site whenever I get a chance, I have thousands more photos to add. I will let people that are interested know when I hit 2500 images. I am proud of the work that I do.

It's not a question of not appreciating the work you do, you are once again completely missing my point. I"ll try one more time.

I have no problem with your posting photographs, I've said that before.

I have no problem with your posting links to your site. Terrific.

It's just when you post to score some free advertising (a "sale" that you are having) that I think you're acting like a shill. Advertise elsewhere. That's my last word on the subject, I'm just going to ignore it from now on.

I just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and safe and Happy New Year. Special thanks to all those that offered kind words and positive comments. I had former players offering me help and made some new friends along the way. With close to 2400 photos online now and many more to be added, it's the positive feedback that helps keep it alive.

Love a team hate a team, we're all CFL fans.



Photo archive now has 2900 photos, 600 new photos were added in the past month. Drop by and enjoy some of the new, old photos.



Just a quick update on the player photos, there are now just over 3200 photos online now. I hope to top the 4000 number by the start of the new season.




Super job image! :thup:

Just a quick update. As of next week the Montreal Alouettes and Concordes photos will no longer be avaliable for sale on the Archive. The photos will be going into the Montreal Alouettes team archives.

My photo website has had a make over and new address I have also added 250 new photos in the past few days, with additional ones going up in the next few days.

Thanks to all the former players and fans that have been passing along the comments, it's nice to know the photos are keeping memories alive.


It's been a while since I posted an update to the player archive. I have just pasted 3600 photos. Over the next few weeks I will be adding more background type photos. Some cheerleader photos from the past, photos from some early Grey Cup parades. The photos that all add to the history of the CFL.

Thanks and enjoy



This past week I have managed to pass the 4100 photo mark. I hope that everyone continues to enjoy the photos, and for those that haven’t had a chance to drop by, spend some time and re-live a piece of the past. It has been bringing back alot of great memories for me…and some not so glorious memories.



I'm having a Halloween sale on the majority of the photos, now's the time to get them. Close to 4300 to choose from. This sale starts today and runs through October 31st.


hi imagemaker,
Nice collection you've accumulated there.

One question though...Are these photos not reserved copyright of the CFL?

As the photos were all shot by my father and myself we own the copyright to the images. Any new photos that would be shot require licencing by the CFL, a few companies do have the rights to market photos, from what I understand. There are people selling photos on ebay that have been selling copyrighted photos, including some of mine, they buy one, photocopy it and sell them, I have tracked most fo them down and had the photos removed.