CFL photo archive

Hello all, I recently launched a new CFL photo archive. Images will be added as I work my way through the 1000's of negatives and slides that I have from 1960-2005. Unfortunately there are some years missing as many original negatives were destroyed in a flood several ago.

This is one of the largest CFL photo archives in Canada and searchable by player and team. The photos were all shot by my
Dad and myself. Many of the photos have appeared on JOGO CFL cards for the past 25 years, including many of the leagues top rookie cards.

Thanks and enjoy.

This is an awesome site. Slideshow format is tremendous. Thanks for sharing this and all should take a look.

:D :D :D :D :rockin:

Agreed. That was incredible.

i loved the rare picture of Varga in the Calgary uniform. nicely done on all fronts.

Very nice work! Great images from a variety of sports actually. I especially love the lacrosse fight and the diver with the tramp stamp – which actually kind of surprised me. I guess I never associated divers with tramps before :lol:

Just a small update on the archive, almost 1300 photos are online now, as close to 100 more were added in the past few days. I hope to have 1500 online this time next week.

Thanks for all the support

Amazing photos. Great job.

I passed the link along to a former Lion from the '70s who's featured in many of your shots. His family in the States was, understandably, very pleased to see these.

Great work! Really good of you to share this wonderful material.

Thanks for all the great feedback, it means alot


Really glad to have people like you posting your work for others to see.

I am thrylled you shared that stuff with us. I really liked the photo with the two female rowers on either side of the boat.

The first 1500 CFL photos are now online. If you haven't had a chance to look, enjoy a bit of history.


I'm having a pre-season sale on all the CFL photos. For one week starting May 21st the CFL photos have been reduced in price.


What does "for editorial use only" mean?

Generally it means that the photo can't be used for anything commercial. I have added an extra fee to a few photos so that they are not going into direct competition with a commercial rights holder. They are still avaliable for purchase, just at a premimum fee.

Only 3 days left on the sale price, with the new HST coming into affect photo prices will be affected after July 1st. Now's the time to take advantage of these great images at a great price.

The archive now has a new address.

Over 1600 CFL player photos

With the addition of 100 new photos this past week, the photo archive now has 1800 photos. Enjoy a piece of CFL history.


I don't pay HST.

All the taxes should be geared towards each province, I'll check. Thanks.

The photo archive now has over 2000 photos. If you haven't had a look yet, it's well worth the CFL history in pictures.