CFL phones aren't ringing

CFL phones aren't ringing

No option-year clause prevents migration of talent

By Lowell Ullrich, The Province March 11, 2011 3:04 AM

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The NFL lockout may start tonight but CFL teams aren't fielding many calls
from player agents looking for a place in the CFL for their clients to play.

This veteran CFL writer thinks the phasing out the option-year in CFL player contracts
may have caused an even bigger effect on the cooling of the players' desires to come here

and I tend to agree with him, and apparently other CFL personnel do as well.

Though it was not an official agenda item at last weekend's CFL evaluation camp in Toronto, the talk among some in attendance was a possible move toward restoring the option-year clause.

"The reason I liked the NFL window wasn't because we lost a player;
it was all the players we signed," said Buono,

who was talking up the idea last weekend.

"Now we're getting players saying they don't want to
sign for two years if they don't get to be a free agent."

I, too, am in favour of the one year plus an option year for all players,
or at least, for new players just coming out of college or university.

Does anybody else want to chime in on this with their opinions?

You know Ron, i'm not specificly a fan of the option year. Mostly because of teams losing veteran players while -technically- under contract. One could argue that it undermines the CFL's credibility as an independent pro league, and not a feeder league.

On the other hand, being able to offer an option year to (CFL) rookies, but not to players in or beyond their 3rd year seems like an excellent balance. The league could attract younger players and free agents to come north, but maintain some stability in it's established veteran player base.

The other possibility is to simply offer an FA a 1 year contract. wether or not that is allowed under the CBA, I don't know. I have a sneaking suspision that teams would absolutely hate to do this though, incase the guys explodes, then wants to sign in year to for 100k+

I believe you are right, some good players right out of college
who weren`t NFL draft choices would be attracted to the CFL

to try to show the NFL that they`re capable of playing there, LB74,

and since they are only 22 years old, even if it takes several years
to prove themselves in the CFL they would still be young enough

for some NFL team to give them a shot at making their team.

....No-way we move back to the old option clause...We've just re-gained what we lost in trying to appease the nfl ,when they loaned us that cash a few years back The debts been repaid....Are we a professional league with some autonomy or a flunky league for the big show down south?...I heard fans complaining about no continuity...You can't re-build teams when you're constantly allowing your best players to leave after one season..that's why we changed it...There will be more than enough talent coming up here, for years to come ,with the glut of players in the states just begging to play anywhere...I think the main push for going back to the old option is from agents not picking-up enough quick cash....Too bad ...there's a new deal in town .. The clause is here to stay as it is :wink:

I totally agree: "the Clause is here to stay as it is". I think it's more the agents who would like to come back to the old system/clause. If the players are not happy,they just have to stay home; we don't need these players.


Exactly. What are their options? Play in the UFL? Stay at home and do nothing? I'm not worried. The league will continue to attract players. We'll just be weeding out the ones who will use the slightest bit of success as leverage for NFL tryouts. No big loss IMO.

Agree with discipline's reasoning on this as well. No big loss, so many players from the US anyways and the ones we get are more committed to here under the current system.