CFL Petition regarding Jimenez..

Although not much will come of it… here is a petition to get the league to take a tougher stance…

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what a waste of time...



they can't do anything now! the punishment has been handed out. you can't go a week later and say "oh, because of a petition by fans, we're now suspending you"

that'll never fly.

Well, at least it may send somekind of voice out to the league that we the fans care about our league and we don’t want this type of dirty play in our game/s. On the otherhand; I don’t like the decision handed down either and I hope he doesn’t do this type of hit after the whistle in the future. That goes for all players as far as I’m concerned.

well, if you truly want your voice heard, you have to do a few things..

A: call the head office and leave a message
B: send a letter by Mail to the Head office

It said on the news yesterday that they didn't go for more because Jiminez could just appeal to a 3rd party and get the suspension lifted.So instead of giving him a punishment that would be gone in a day, he get's a maximum fine instead.

I would have done it anyways. there's no guarantee that the appeal would work!

the video evidence they have, and the fact he's a repeat offender it would be awful difficult for the appeal board to grant it in his favour.

I suppose we could blame Braley.... :roll:

Seriously, the league has to deal with this guy. If they don't others will follow in his footsteps.

True dat :slight_smile:

Refs have no problem chaning their minds after making a call... why can't the league follow suit???

because it looks unprofessional and if you think the Anti-CFL fans are on us now.. just wait till then!

nobody would take us seriously. you make a decision and stick with it. the CFL's issue is they didn't do enough but you can't just make a change everytime a group of people say to.

This should read " petition for CFL teams to grow a pair". Until teams start disciplining their own players for this stuff nothing will change. All it will take is one coach to grow a pair and be the one that says "NO" to turn this around.

I would hope the Ti Cats would be that team and bench him for a game.

I dunno, it's weird.Usually Obie and MB wouldn't take crap from anyone but they seem to be eating out of Jiminez's hands right now.IMO either he changes his ways or get's cut.

I don't know why people keep blaming the league for this. The league didn't make the hit, it simply followed the rules as spelled out by CBA. Blame Jimenez and the CFLPA for not agreeing to tougher guidelines. Unless of course you welcome a player strike, or worse, which is what would happen if the league decided to arbitrarily levy a bigger punishment than was bargained for.

So, the petition is not only pointless because the league is bound by the CBA, but also wrong. If you really want more punishment you should call for Jimenez to be charged with a crime.

Looks like he lost site of the play and was still trying to block, and how do you know he was trying to injure, can you read his mind and get in his head ?

If it was an intent to injure he would have been thrown out of the game.

Thats why he was not suspended !!!!! :cowboy:

Well said tc. :thup:

I would rather see the end of the cfl than have them continue to allow the likes of JJ to play.

Go take a time out FYB, really. :roll: :roll: :roll:

And players try and injure each other all the time. A couple of weeks ago, a blindside on an interception return left Matt Carter woozy and on all fours while the Alouette player that did it to him celebrated in front of the Ticat bench. I've seen defenders go for the kill shot on a sliding Kevin Glenn. In August, Arland Bruce accused Winnipeg linebacker Courtney of dirty play when he leveled Bruce without the football during a Ticats win.

If intent to injure was the only standard, there would several instances a game that would probably qualify.