CFL Penalty Stats after 2 weeks

ICYMI - I penned a piece complete with a bunch of graphs taking a look at penalties. Hope you enjoy.

Yes, I did miss this one. Thanks. And nice work, as usual.

So we can basically blame the increase in penalties on Calgary, Saskatchewan, Winnipeg, and Ottawa- and especially Calgary. The rest of the league seems to have kept their penalties about the same, and in some cases have reduced the number compared with the same period last year. Perhaps it's just that the officials are starting to call penalties on those teams finally? :cowboy:

I think this chart supports what a few people have suggested, that the number of penalties will probably go down as the year goes on, as players figure out (again in some cases) what they can and cannot get away with.

Unfortunately, the right side of the graph is cut off here, so you can't see that the downward trend continues through week 12 and then levels off around 21.5 to 22 penalties per game. Go to Mark's article to see the entire graph and his comments about it.