CFL Penalty Stats after 2 weeks

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after 2 weeks #CFL officials have called 232 penalties

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Offside 53, Holding 32, Illegal Block 21, Illegal Contact on a Receiver 21, Procedure 18, are the top 5 #CFL

Does the Illegal Contact on a Receiver include those that would be Pass Interference calls?

Interesting to see that for all the bile directed at officials, the most called penalties are offside and holding, which fall mostly on the player. If you can't stay onside as the ball is being snapped, that's on you, not the zebra.

Those numbers work out to 29 penalties per game or 14.5 per team/game. Last year's average was 21.6. That's a 34.26% increase.

@challenger99 - The 21 Illegal Contact on a Receiver does not include Defensive Pass Interference calls. There have been 12 DPI calls thus far in 2015.

Penalties Per Game
EDM = 22
TOR = 16
WPG = 16
HAM = 15.5
BC = 15
SSK = 14
MTL = 12.5
OTT = 12
CGY = 11.5

Coaches Challenges = 4 Successful out of 10 Challenges for 40%. Last year it was 33% for the season.

In fact 110 or the 232 total penalties (47.41%) in the first 8 games of the year have been what are called "Preventable Fouls". Those are: Offside, Procedure, Time Count/Delay Of Game, Too Many Men/Illegal Substitution, Objectional Conduct General & Taunting, No Yards, Illegal Downfield on Kick, Illegal Punt & Kick.

93 or 232 called on the Offense. (40.09%)
94 of 232 called on Defense. (40.52%)
45 on Special Teams (19.4%) (19 on Cover Teams & 26 on Return Teams)

Great stuff FG69, Thanks for posting. :thup:

There is some question about the Objectionable Conduct penalty re “throw the flag” jesture.

Banks was called when he made the throw-the-flag motion after he thought a DI or contact penalty should have been called.

If he’s looking at the referee, sure, he could (should?) be called. But what if the player looks towards his bench and coach, suggesting a challenge flag be thrown? Would that be considered Objectionable Conduct?

The player is in fact questioning the official but how else is the coach/bench to receive a quick and timely suggestion to make a challenge? (ie, before a video replay can be reviewed by the team and before the start of the next play prevents a challenge)

Objectionable Conduct or not ???

Not sure if it belongs here or in another thread ... Mods may relocate if they see fit.

Net Offense is up 11% thus far. That would be a year-over-year historical record if it is maintained.
Scoring is up 15%. 52.4 ppg versus 45.5 in 2014. Offensive scoring up 6%. The remainder is 5 defensive TD's & 2 ST Return TD's.
BIG Kick/Punt Returns are down. Only 4 in the first 2 weeks versus 8 in the first 2 weeks of 2014.
League-wide Passer Rating is 96.7. Well above the 85.3 rating throughout the 2014 season.
Sacks are down. 33 in the first 2 weeks of 2015 versus 51 during the same time period in 2014.
Two & Outs Down. 12.2 two'n'outs per game in 2014 versus 8.4 thus far in 2015. 31% drop.
Turnovers per game are the same from last year to this year at 4.4 per game.

Just a few interesting things I thought I'd share with the group!

Enjoy the bye-week everyone ... OskeeWeeWee!

The game logs must be missing a few of those penalties, as they add up to only 210 over the first two weeks. I wonder what those 22 missing penalties were.

Either way, it's definitely important to note that only a small portion of the penalties called were of the discretionary kind. So even if the officials stopped calling those completely - which I do not recommend - the number of penalties wouldn't really drop much.

On the main board, I listed all the penalties in last week's Ticats-Bombers game, 31 in all, and asked someone to indicate which ones should have been let go by the officials. No takers yet, surprisingly. :slight_smile:

I had PVR'd the game for review but have since deleted it. Was Banks looking at the ref when he made the gesture? That is the salient point here.


Unfortunately, IIRC, I believe he initially looked at the closest ref then around in general to anyone who would take up his cause :slight_smile:

But I just wonder if he or any player would be flagged (for making that gesture) if they first looked to their bench for a challenge? Or is that "throw the flag" move now verboten?

Just curious...

Yet Chad "The 2che" Owens was doing the exact same thing vs SSK and was NOT penalized, and this was on the blew team's final TD drive to tie the game and force OT. Once again, the consistency between crews is laughable...

The new rules were a lot about increased tempo of the game, speeding it up.
I am not seeing this at all

And now Penalty Stats after week 3

Despite the penalties we have this

Existe-t-il des punitions qui ne peuvent être évitées?

Je crois quand même qu'il y a un lien entre l'augmentation des punitions pour hors-jeu et procédure inadmissible et le nouveau règlement sur les couvertures de passes. Au minimum, on peut faire un lien statistique parce que le seul facteur externe qui a changé dans l'environnement de l'attaque est la modification qui a fait passer la règle à 5 verges plutôt que 10. Le nouveau règlement rend plus importante la pression sur le quart, et conséquemment, ça se répercute sur les exigences de la protection du quart. Les joueurs de ligne de chaque côté sont donc plus en tension à la remise et on voit plus d'erreurs d'anticipation.

Le festival des drapeaux est bel et bien commencé.

Lost in translation? Voltage? :oops: Google Translate = not very good. :roll:

Is there any punishment that can not be avoided?

I still believe that there is a link between the increase punishments for offside and unacceptable process and the new regulation on the passes blankets. At a minimum, one can make a statistical link because the only external factor that has changed in the environment of the attack is the amendment that passed Rule 5 yards instead of 10. The new regulation makes it more important pressure on the quarter, and consequently, it affects the protection requirements of the shift. Linemen on each side are more voltage to surrender and we see more expectation errors.

The flags of the festival is well and truly begun.
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Google translate will only translate "word for word" and it doesn't make too much sense because you can't translate French to English word for word and google doesn't do grammar or word structure in the translation.

I think another factor that has resulted in more penalties, especially the timing penalties such as offside and procedure, is the shorter practice time allowed by the latest CFLPA CBA. True, that took effect at the beginning of last year, but some people were complaining about too many flags last year too, just not quite as loudly. It would be interesting to compare the number of penalties this year to the number last year for the same period. Is the difference all related to the new rule changes? (hint, FenderGuy69, hint :slight_smile: )

Excellent point! Je ne l'avais pas envisagé. Merci! :thup:

I worked hard today to analyze this year's CFL stats to evaluate the season so far. There are several encouraging stats, but penalties are the major negative.

I went on to look at who is the head referee in games with the most penalties which will be interesting going forward.

I also looked at which penalties are getting called more this year.

Check it out: