CFL passer rating

As far as I know the CFL doesn't have a passer rating implemented like our boring neighbors to the south. Do you think the CFL should put in a PR like the NFL or think up a new way all it's own. I personnally don't have much of an opinion either way on this but the thought just occured to me.
For those who don't know how it works (like me) here's the little forumula.

First you find the completion %: Completions (divided by) Attempts
Multiply this number by 100 to get a percentage.
Subtract this new number by 30
and then multiply by 0.05

Yards per Attempt: Total yards gained (divided by) Attempts
Subtract 3 from this new number
and then multiply by 0.25

% of TD passes: Touchdowns (divided by) Attempts
multiply by 100 to get a percentage.
multiply this new number by 0.2

% of Interceptions: Interceptions (divided by) Attempts
multiply by 100 to get a percentage
multiply this number by 0.25
subtract this number from 2.375 (2.375 - the number)

Add all these numbers together (comp. % + yrds/att + TD% + Int%)
Divide this number by 6
and multiply by 100

Phew! I was gonna give an example but I'm starting to feel pretty light headed so just look at this:
Also a PR calculator:

Actually they do have a QB efficency. I dont know it calculated the same way but it is there.

Right now DD leads with 123.5 followed buy Allen at 101.2

They have passer ratings on the stats on this web site

you beat me to it ro....

ahhhhhhh.......... So I did all that typing for nothing?!?!?!?!?!?

not really, never really knew how it was calculated, thanks for the info

Anyways... that method of calculation is crazy. Too much maths..

Dickenson is on pace to shatter the QB efficiency rating. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Dickenson has thrown for 19 TD's and only 3 interceptions?

yup... that is correct.... if Dave keeps it up... he'll break the CFL record... (held by Casey Printers at 115.0)

The only way I rate a QB's passing is to boo him off the field.

Booooooooooooooo Kerry Joseph.
Bring in Brad Banks.

Go You Suffering Bastard Renegades Go!

By the way... did anybody notice that Kevin Glenn actually has the league's third best rating behind Dickenson and Allen?... Yes, the Glenn who is playing in Winnipeg!

Glenn isn't bad, but I find him very very arrogant. Anyone else notice this?