CFL, partners take aim at concussions

CFL, partners take aim at concussions


"The CFL, CFL Players’ Association, CFL Alumni Association, Football Canada, Canadian Interuniversity Sport and the Canadian School Sport Federation were all in attendance at a joint news conference to unveil a program that will see the creation of flyers and posters on concussion awareness that will be distributed to more than 100,000 minor football players, 3,200 high schools and 52 universities."

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About time. Dunnigan has saidthat, when he passes away, his brain will be donated to sciance researching repetitive brain injuries. He has taken his son out of football because of concussions. I'm glad that the CFL and Football Canada are taking a leadership role in this. NHL take note...

I hate to say it, and I know that it would never happen. But if they played without Helmets there would probably be a better chance of NOT getting a concussion. Players would be careful about leading with their heads, when you have a helmet on it gives you a sense of invincibility. Let kids play without helmets and teach them how to tackle without a helmet.
Rugby players play without helmets and have a much lower rate of concussions. I know the hitting would be less intense and players wouldn’t launch themselves at an opposing player or sacrifice themselves the way they do now.

It’s not like hockey where you worry about getting a stick to the head or going head-on into the boards or hitting your head on the ice.

Well, this is football and the helmets stay IMHO, just the way the sport is played, it's contact first. Hockey is a different animal where contact isn't the pure object of the game like football and there is no need to take a player down, again unlike football. Rugby is rugby, a very different form. Good they took spearing out and constantly tweaking but it's football. Car racing is speed, within limits, like the downhill in skiing, but people are going to die racing cars and skiing just like concussions will continue to happen in football. And people will die in football as well. Just part of the nature of these sports.

Hockey though I still don't quite understand what the true nature of contact is and what the essence of contact is in this sport and I played it a large part of my life and watch. Still confuses me. And I really don't know even how to fully comment on contact in hockey.