CFL P.R Gimmick's

Idea's ???

One promo that could work is having a Punjab game day, as done at Canada's Wonderland :rockin:

...invite Gainer to McMahon on the same day that BassPro has their 'Free Slingshots to the First 5,000 Fans' promotion...

change the name to Northern Football League and advertise NFL in Canada.

good thing I wasn't sipping a double mocha cafe latte when I read that. :lol:

Good one. :thup:

How about putting a CBS, Fox, NBC or ABC or ESPN truck in front of every stadium. People who are impressed with American media coverage might take a glance or two. :wink:

Have an annual skills competition like the NHL All-Star Game and the NBA Slam Dunk competition. Make players have to make the most outrageous catches, field goals and blocks in the game, or the annual "Out of Position" game, where Linemen play Receiver and DB, Receiver's and DBs play Linemen, the QB, RB and FB have to play Linebacker and the Safeties and Kickers just shake their heads.

I think that’d be a lot more interesting than a typical All-Star game.

Yes, I'm not into all-star games really.

that would be fricken hilarious

The NFL's skills competition is so so.

Damon Allen tried putting his touch on it a while back.

Okay this made me laugh out loud. :lol:

X2…It’s funny cause its true… :cowboy:

Make game day ticket packages that include coupons for consessions and merchandise, all on your favorite teams low interest easy to obtain credit card! :cowboy:

Nice, similar to the "Our Balls are Bigger " promo.

A pro-bowl that is held in a location that doesn't house a CFL franchise but has at least a 5,000 seat stadium. Kingston, St. John's, London, Moncton, Halifax, Guelph, Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Victoria, Saskatoon, Waterloo, Kelowna. It might encourage other locations to build a 5,000 seat CIS stadium for their university.

Not sure how well it would sell, but it would be a good end of season hurrah the day before the Grey Cup and a celebration of Canadian Football. I wonder what the break even point would be for such a game?

pro “bowl” ???

I'm sure we could give it a better name, like the Damon Allen All-Star Trophy (Damon Allen because he played for six different teams and is an epic QB) or the Johnston cup.

Pay everyone a million or more to play. Everybody loves to suck up to the rich, that is why the other leagues do so much better, how do people follow someone that makes less then themselves. It is all about the money.

Yeah....this makes no sense. Considering the CFL salary cap is around 4.3 million right now. Plenty of players are making six figures, and those who aren't are still making a minimum of $43,000. That's a year's worth of wages for half a year of work. The only players who aren't being paid well are the player's on the practice rosters who only make $500 a week and have their housing accommodations paid for by the team.

spoken like somebody who lives in a van down by the river