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I have gotten word from a high CFL official source that the CFL has gotten 2 offers to put a official bid for the Ottawa CFL franchise yesterday.

The CFL expansion committee was told yesterday that if either bid fails, the other bid will build a new stadium with local funding in the Toledo area. The group is a large numbered personel, and want to put a CFL franchise in Toledo. There is also word that the group has been negotiating with the city of Toledo to build a 33,000 seat stadium.

There was a writeup in the Toledo news on Friday, and once again yesterday.

It also mentions that Columbus, Hartford, and Portland-Maine have been speaking to the 2 groups if either group fails.

Apart of 1 group has Jesse Palmers father, Don Mardell, and NFL former owner Stanley Fritz.

It's not sure if both groups want to build a new stadium in near Scotiabank Centre, but I have been told that the Senators have been talking to the groups about building a 30,000 seat covered stadium adjacent to the arena.

More details to follow



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Check out Caretaker's response, too.

"Portland, huh?

Population 55K.

Population of the state of Maine is about 1 million and it is one of the "less-prosperous" states in the Union.

I notice the name of the Sens' home has now been changed from Scotiabank Place to Scotiabank Centre.

Funny, how there's been no mention of that here.

So you've "gotten" word that the CFL expansion committee has "gotten" two offers for an Ottawa team.

Well, I hope their form of communication and use of the English language is a trifle better than yours.

Case in point:

"Apart of 1 group has Jesse Palmers father, Don Mardell, and NFL former owner Stanley Fritz."

I just received the translation back from a local expert in decoding ancient scripts.

Now if I've got this right, Jesse' Dad is involved with one group.

What a news flash. That was broken last Wednesday. He is helping the US group of 8-10 investors, previously cited by Matt Sekeres of the Ottawa Citizen, to do their "due diligence.

But if I've got your semi-lucid ramblings right:

Two groups have told the CFL they are interested in a franchise.

They have not put in a bid. They are TELLING the CFL they will be given a franchise.

But they or some other mystery group will instead put a team in Toldeo whether the CFL gives them a franchise or not.

Toledo may build a stadium for this phantom group but if they don't, this group --- or another group will look to Columbus, Hartford or Portland --- which also don't have pro football stadiums --- even tho the League hasn't awarded them a franchise.

Unless of course, Eugene Melnyk or someone else wants to waste $200-300 million building a new covered stadium beside Corel Bank Place or the Scotia Civic Centre or whatever the hell it's being called now.

Well, I guess I understand your post now.

BTW: Prescription medicines are only good if you stay on them."

TOLEDO! :lol:

and Ottawa fans think my Red and Gold uniforms are a bad idea.

One thing I wish the CFL would stop, its not Ottawa-Gatineau, its just Ottawa. We're not located in Hull or any other part of Quebec. The french speaking population aren't interested in the CFL on line at all.

Yes, it is a bad idea. Ottawa is Black, Red and White and will always be.

where the hull did that come from??


Well he can stay on LSD, fun read even if he is just a tad bit "high" and in never ever land. :o

aw, Red and Gold isn't bad, do you want to look like Calgary rip offs?

aw, Red and Gold isn't bad, do you want to look like Calgary rip offs?
You've got it wrong, KK, Calgary used to be strickly Red, White and occasionally with grey or silver added. [b][i]Calgary[/i][/b] is being an Ottawa rip-off. Ottawa has always been Red, White and Black except for that one bastard season when Bruce Firestone became too creative. :x :wink:

But which team was the one that folded?

haha, this is funny old stuff. not going to happen but to those saying “oh that city has a low pop” how many people here know the pop size of Green bay? under 110K.

Another thing what CFL team is currently the best finacially? the one in the city with the highest pop? second? third? the answer is actually the 6th largest

Regina has a football team and is 18th in canada in terms of population.

The key thing is how the community supports the team, and if Toledo wants a Team and their willing to abide by the CFL rules along with a modified import rule so that they can’t have a 100% american roster Bring them on aslong as they know they won’t get prop’d up by the league.

Let Toledo or whomever have a 100% American roster, actually that's the way I'd prefer it to be honest!!! We could beat them even with having to employ 17 Canadians. Not every game but we'll do just fine thank you.

Here, here Earl! Yes, Baltimore was a good team. But, what about the rest of them?

Those mighty All-American Shreveport Pirates, Sacramento Gold Miners, Las Vegas Posse, Memphis Mad Dogs, and Birmingham Barracudas. They stunk!

The ratio only causes problems when a starting non-import is injured. I'm sure it's not that difficult to fix.

Totally disagree. The American teams just started to "understand" the Canadian game. Had they still stuck around, a Canadian team winning the Grey Cup would happen as often as a Canadian NHL team winning the Stanley Cup.

I disagree. So we'll agree to disagree. 8)

Paging roughyfan, paging roughyfan, please bring out the stats to back my point!

Yes Earl we will disagree on that one! :wink: