CFL Owners and their Portfolios

John Forzani is part of the ownership group of the Stampeders.

I don't think Edmonton has any shares. Thay are just communityowned, as in they are just self sufficient and all the money goes back into the team or community.
The Riders shares are really just a fund raising thing. It allows the share holder to have a vote when choosing board members. And you can have more than one share.

Thats good post-football-watching talk!!! :thup: LOL

david asper DOES NOT OWN THE BOMBERS. its possible he never will. bombers = community owned, not for profit organization similar to edmonton and sask. ASPER = nothing to do with the bombers. that stadium being built = city province and feds money. ASPER = nothing right now.

umm...asper has alot to do with the bombers.
im pretty sure he put the whole thing together to land them a new stadium.