CFL Owners and their Portfolios

Hi, would anyone please post the list of the CFL team owners and a little bit about them (their birthplaces/current location, offspring, how long they've been owning the CFL team(s), their other business holdings, net worth etc.)? Ok the last part might be impossible to find I understand (not just for CFL owners but same goes for many NHL and MLS owners) so no need to bother with that one. If that's too much trouble is there a previous post on the same topic (I tried the search feature but no luck) or an article on this someone can point me to? Thanks.

Is Google broken on your computer?

I gotta think each has a Wiki page.

What are the names?


Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but just looking at each team's website (located at the top of the site)...

President and CEO of Edmonton is Rick LeLacheur
BC and Toronto is owned by David Braley
President in Calgary is Lyle Bauer
President and CEO in Sask is Jim Hopson
President in Winnipeg is Jim Bell
Caretaker (WTH is a Caretaker? :lol: ) in Hamilton is Bob Young
Owner in Montreal is Bob Wetenhall, and the President and CEO is Larry Smith

Oh, and Edmonton and Winnipeg both have a board of directors.


Argos and Lions

Winnipeg (soon to be owner once new stadium is completed)


Edmonton and Sask are community owned teams

Group headed by Tom Forzani, Ted Hellard, and Doug Mitche

wait a minute....calgary is owned by forzani.....??

forzani owns sportchek, yet sportchek doesnt carry CFL stuff....weird.

went into a sportchek in London today....

NO CFL merchandise at all, besides CFL footballs....and the footballs they DID have only had team logos from the west division, and the argos, ticats or i bought a riders football.

a sales rep asked another worker if they had argos or tiger-cats stuff in, and she had no clue what he was talking about. the guy then said 'you know, CFL??!?!', which she replyed, 'no we dont have anything like that'.

but going into week 4, i should be able to buy a tiger-cats t-shirt or jersey or hat or something at sportcheks in London...this is a part of tiger-town, no?

i bought the riders football, but woulda liked a tiger-cats football more.

I find Sportschek is terrible for any sort of sports leagues merch. I managed to find a couple Ti-Cat t-shirts when I went to Hamilton, but other than that their selection is crap. I rarely go there for sports leagues merch.

Thanks. Didn't know about the community owned teams. So I guess they are the only teams that have to disclose the financial informations to the public (i.e. the shareholders).

there's a Champions store in West Edmonton Mall that I swear is pro American.

They seem to have a problem carrying Canadian Football merchandise.

they have all this NFL crap in their store, yet you look at there's no CFL stuff.

it really makes me wonder what a store in CANADA (especially in a CFL hot bed like Edmonton) is doing not selling any CFL merchandise????

if sportchek carried a good selection of CFL gear, then advertised that they carry CFL merchandise during CFL games, the 800,000 or so TV viewers would know where to shop for their CFL stuff.....its that simple, really.

doesnt sportchek already advertise during CFL games anyways?

Appologies to TFCfan for continuing off topic here, but I have found that, out west anyway, Jersey City is always well stocked in CFL merch. Sport Chek will have some, but their thing is sporting goods more so than team apparrel....

never seen a jersey city in my life.
i don't think they exist here in Ontario.

I don't think we do. I usually go online.

Anyone know if Logo Sports in White Oaks has any merch there? I bought an Eskimos t-shirt there once, but that was a few years ago.

At least they didn't call him a janitor :lol:

Good choice. :thup:

aside from getting a scoreboard and hiring a Canadian H.C. -whats he done for Hamilton?
from web-
"Native Hamiltonian Bob Young has owned the Tiger-Cats since 2004, and although the team has had a resurgence in home attendance, corporate sponsorship plus a brand new "Tiger Vision" scoreboard at Ivor Wynne, it has struggled with its on field performance. Last place finishes both in 2005 (5–13) and 2006 (4–14), have resulted in an overhaul of the coaching staff for 2007. The moves still did not immediately help, as the team continued to lag in last place in 2007 and 2008 despite numerous apparent upgrades. In 2009, their fortunes turned around when they finished in second place in the East, qualifying for the playoffs for the first time in several years. However, they failed to win the Grey Cup, marking the 2000s as the first decade since the 1890s that Hamilton failed to do so."

you are correct only the community teams need to post their revenues, but it's a croc to. The Riders did over 31 million in revunes, but only claimed a 3 million buck profit. Same with the Edmonton. Every year they lead the league in attendance, but claim the same 250,000 buck profit. If you look at the back of each of th team Finance report, you will find in very small print, that the Ridrs have over 42 million in a reserve fund and Edmonton have over 40 million. You don't get resee unds of over 40 million by post 250,000 profit. Edmonton just paid millions for a new practice field and Rider put over 2 million in their club house that looks and has even better toys then most NFL team. Out of 8 teams in the CFL only 2 won't make money this year. (and we know who they are) The CFL is really growing it revenue streams over the last fee years, and gets getting big and big. The Argo and BC owner is worth over 900 million. Hamilton's owner is a Billunairy, same with the Calgary group. The new Ottawa owners are worht over a Billun combine.bad spellig but i'v been hosting a FEW TONIGHT BOYS WATCH THE CATS GET KILLED AGAIN

LOL .. for a minute I thought you were mocking my bad spelling in some of the posts I've done.

Anyway, you don't need to convince me some of the teams are making huge profits. I'm well aware that many sports owners are really good at hiding/transferring some of their profit and at deceiving the average public with poor-cries, especially around stadium building time. That 'rainy-day fund' is a sheer genius; wonder why some other leagues don't use it yet. I DO think it's unhealthy for a league to have two teams that are apparently making that much money while two others are in the red though. Perhaps a better revenue sharing system would make the league more attractive to the (potential) investors and get the franchise value of the teams up. But I'm guessing that's been discussed to death here already ...

None of the Forzanis own the Stamps. The owner (majority, at least) is an ex-Stampeder named Ted Hellard, who IIRC made millions in software devlopment relevant to the petroleum industry.

The other owners are: BC/Toronto: David Braley
Winnipeg: David Asper
Hamilton: Bob Young
Montreal: Bob Wetenhall
Ottawa: Jeff Hunt (majority owner)

Edmonton and Saskatchewan are community owned; i.e. shares can be purchased but no one buyer is allowed (I think) more than one share.