CFL out of the USA, please!

Very good question Kel: I would think since ESPN owns (at least in part) TSN, americans won't be getting much programming south of the 49th simply for the old competition factor.

Ohhh ok … went over my head, I apologize.


CFL did work in the USA.
It worked in Baltimore and there is still a Baltimore CFL fan club.
I would also support another CFL team in Baltimore if they wanted one.

And after 5 years of American Teams only using American players, you can kiss good bye any Canadian teams ever winning the Grey Cup again.

Good thing the BOG understand the disaster going back to the States would cause!

As for changing the US Labour laws, I can see the Americans rushing to do this to appease a bunch of posters :roll: :roll: :roll:

All this talk of US labor laws is based on what? Does anybody REALLY know what the law is? How can affirmative action be justified in the face of supposedly (since nobody here has even offered a single reliable source) incontrovertible U.S. labor laws?

Please show me the relevant federal statute that prohibits the setting of quotas on the national origin of players.

I am guessing you were not around during the beginning of the last USA experiment??? Havent see the american law books, but we were informed of it by the media and tv crews often enough. Why else do you think the CFL allowed 100% americans on the U.S. teams??

That doesn't mean anything. I was around then and I remember it well enough. Even then there was little in the way of actual proof of anything. The media is FAR from a reliable source about such things.

Since everyone seems to feel free to speculate without actually knowing anything about the relevant laws, I'll do the same. I'll speculate that the ONLY reason there were no can-con rules on U.S. based teams is because nobody forced the issue because the league so desperately wanted expansion.

I can recall there was a legal action taken, and a u.s judge squished the import ratio in the states, However im not sure if it was just in california, and i think the Nfl was behind the they were behi nd not allowing the baltimore team to use "Colts" nic name. -- The CFL probably could have challenged in court but it would drag on and on and cost to much !---Besides Canadian teams can hold their own ratio or not!!!

Well I agree with you Massdestruction, Canadian teams with Canadians can hold their own, but every time a U.S.-based team wins the Cup out would come the cries of an unfair advantage. Bollocks I say to that. There is no unfair advantage - except that the Canadian players have the advantage of probably knowing the game better than their U.S. counterparts.

anyone who thinks all canadian teams would measure up against all U S teams is not thinking clearly. Specially after a few yrs of the teams south of the border gaining experience with the cfl game.

Even half and half teams in canada would still not do as well in the long run.

However, if we expanded to include 6 teams south of the border, and dropped 2 teams in canada to increase the Canadian skill content of the six remaining teams, then maybe we would stand a chance at being somewhat competitive after 5 yrs.

The fact is there are local hiring policies in place all over the US. Even some federal projects allow for local-preference hiring though it is very limited. Establishing a policy requiring a certain percentage of the employees to be local would be incredibly easy to pass.

but it wouldnt solve the problem.