CFL out of the USA, please!

While I got to see the CFL in the US, this was the biggest abomination in the history of the CFL, let's NEVER see it again!

I know! How can you have the CFL without Montreal?! :expressionless:

The only reason is was bad was because it didnt work.

If a half a dozen teams could exist and thrive in usa, then it would be a great thing. It was worth a try. Nothing wrong with a cross border league, it works for NHL, mostly. Better CFL in USA than NFL in canada.

ya except the nfl would destroy the cfl in the US which it did. and really its the "CANADIAN" football league for a reason.

its canadian football league, because they play canadian football.

I can sort of relate to Snrub. He's right. It was kinda cool to have those teams, but of course it's sour because it didn't work. I'd be open to any any North American city thats feasible financially(regarding travel mostly) and who is enthusiastic enough to throw a fair chunk of change into the league coffers to get in. Buffalo comes to mind with Ralph Wilson soon to be dormant. C'mon the rest on society has grown in the last 100 years but the CFL has struggled to do so. Those greenbacks do have a way of stimulating growth economically, U.S. recession or not.


I'd be open to any any North American city thats feasible financially(regarding travel mostly) and who is enthusiastic enough to throw a fair chunk of change into the league coffers to get in.

You and me both. :thup:

Problem is Canadian Content Rules Can be not enforced in the US.
Frankly I’d Rather Keep Our League Canadian.
IMO Too Many Teams has killed the NHL
Also Any Chance of Canadian Winning it is Slim.
When was the last Time The Stanley Cup was won by Canadian Team.
1992-93 - Montreal Canadiens where the Last
15 Years Ago.
Having US Based Teams would so the same for the CFL

Too Many Teams has killed the NHL
no it hasnt.

Putting a team in Buffalo (should the Bills leave) could work as there is close proximity to Hamilton and Toronto. Putting teams in the south US makes absolutely no sense. It would be smarter to try to locate any US franchises near the Canada-US border where US fans are more likely to have a general knowledge of the CFL due to regional broadcasts from Canadian broadcasters.

And one way around the import rule is to implement a local hiring content rule for the US franchises. Minimum of 20 Canadians or other players that were born or played ball within 50 miles of the team's base. That opens up a lot of opportunities but significantly lowers the chances of overstocking a team.

I think the northern states argument used to hold more clout when CBC had the rights. But as TSN has the next 8 or 9 years, do/can Americans even get TSN?

I think the main benefits of northern states are the travel cost and culture similarities.


I am definitely thinking about this one. Interesting. You might start a new thread to see what everyone else thinks about a limited regional entry draft, otherwise I might. I like the idea being a Rider fan in an area where the traditionally drafted Canadian players(OL, DL, LB, DB, Receiver) are studs.


First, would still have to remove the word canadian from the rule for it to float in USA. Second, it would have a negative effect on canadian teams having to use local only.

I was thinking more along the lines of local for the US teams only. They could use Canadians or local players for their 20. Canadian teams would be restricted to 20 Canadians. That way, if there was a Canadian that was better than any regional guys, the US team could use him, but the restriction would be based on regional players to get around the US labor issues.

Me three :thup:

Now that TSN owns the broadcast rights, they are free to sell parts of it off to other stations. If a US cable provider offered enough money, I'm sure they would gladly accommodate them.

But US labour laws wont allow that. Thats what happened in the 90's.

Until US Labour laws change (and they wont, why should they) Canadian teams over time will be at a disadvantage.

The only way CFL can truly work in USA is if they do away with import rules, which I am strongly NOT in favor of. Its the only reason why I dont bother even trying to argue for another attempt at U.S, expansion, sometime down the road.

The best compromise I can think of is 5050, where the rule is, 50% of the team must be import, and 50% non import, but I dont think even that would fly in the states.

Is there a U.S. Labor Lawyer in the house? How about a constitutional expert?

In the absence of either of those it's pure speculation as to what can or can't be done here. Allowances and special deals are made all the time in all sorts of ways. It's not unreasonable to assume that some kind of deal couldn't be worked out for the CFL.

The bigger question is why bother? Canada or the CFL really don't need U.S. teams. What they need are 21st Century stadiums and another team or two. That's it.