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So ive been following whats going on with Ottawas CFL team and the MLS team seems to be going strong and we need to fight back. Please vote on the Ottawa Suns polls and the Ottawa Citizen poles and vote for the CFL Ottawa!

Can you post a link?

If Ottawa wants soccer over the Cfl let them have it. Then when the MLS in Ottawa folds because of lack of interest, and the CFL has gone into Quebec and Halifax, and Ottawa wants back in the CFL, we can tell them where to stick it.

The CFL is getting murdered on these.

In an earlier poll, people were asked what was more important to the city: Football, soccer, or an outdoor concert event.

By early afternoon, football had a nice lead. Suddenly the dam broke and soccer won handily.

What happened is that the folks behind the soccer bid wrote to their supporters to ask them to vote for soccer. One of them posted it on a Toronto FC message board (which showed 1550 active members) and asked for help. So next thing you know, soccer has 53% of the vote.

Vote for football if you want, but I suspect that soccer will win hands down, so my focus will instead be to discredit that poll altogtether once it’s over. I’ve sent the message board link to one of the people behind Lansdowne Live in case the results get throwin in their faces

By the way, anyone can clear their cookies and vote multiple times. Another reason that these polls are nonsense. I would like to think that Ottawa city council isn’t dumb enough to take them too seriously, but I’m not real confident on that part of it.

Oh, and I love that they’re having this poll on the day that the paper’s cover claims that “if they build it (MLS) will come”. Apparently the MLS commish has said that it’s almost inconceivable that Ottawa wouldn’t get a team if it had a stadium.

Of course, he didn’t say when, or actually make an official announcement like the CFL did, but you know…close enough. :roll:

CRF (or anyone for that matter),
what do you make of this article and it's possible effect?:


Actually, that's a legitimate concern. Trade shows are the biggest money-maker for Lansdowne Park.

If I were Hunt, I would...

a) Ditch the aquarium planned for the Aberdeen pavillion and leave it open for trade shows (as it was previously)
b) Ditch the ultimate frisbee field (???!) and leave the space for the farmers' market and true park...huh...stuff.
c) Highlight that my proposal benefits both football AND soccer, not just soccer and little else.

Easy for me to say...but I think if they do all these things, they'd have little difficulty getting support from council.

I firmly believe that MLS soccer has a momentum that the CFL would be wise to join. MLS has captured the attention of billionaires like Melnyk and Saputo who are willing to put up tens of millions in franchise fees and additional tens of millions in building stadiums.

Do I understand it? No.

But the trouble with billionaires is that they're connected. They can pick up the phone and call a minister or a premier or PM any time they like. And with all this infrastructure money coming down the pipeline, you know these guys will be eyeballing that money for their projects.

And with soccer they can play the amateur sport angle in a way that football can't. There are just so many more recreational soccer players in Canada than football. So you know guys like Melnyk will say "look, I'll put up 40 million, you put up 40 million (government) and we'll 'let' you use the stadiums for under 20 games, provincial championships, etc."

If Cohon hasn't called Melnyk about the Ottawa stadium, he should have his butt kicked, because I have a funny feeling Melnyk is going to come out on top in the deal.

What am I missing here? Why can't a new stadium serve as home to both sports?

BTW, Saputo and Montreal dropped out because they know the fee is too high for this league. Smart IMHO. Do they have the money Melnyk has? I don't know.

Remember, we aren't talking the popularity of soccer, MLS specifically, as a participation sport/league here in North America, that is well established. We are talking about the popularity of it as a spectator sport/leauge, in North America and that is not well established.

Yes, Saputo dropped out, but only because of a difference between him and MLS of about 10 million bucks. He was ready and willing to pay 40 million for a franchise and 10's of millions more to expand the stadium.

There is a reason these billionaires are willing to shell out hundreds of millions (in total), for MLS teams and stadiums. They obviously feel they will make the money back.

By comparison, the CFL expansion fee for Ottawa is just 7.5 million, confirmed by Cohon during the Grey Cup telecast. JUST 7.5 million...and its not like there are a bunch of guys lining up at those bargain basement prices.

I think the billionaires know they can get the goverment(s) to build stadiums for pro-soccer teams that would not be available to CFL team owners. And that the related TV contract money makes the investment worthwhile.

Which is why the CFL needs to get on the MLS bandwagon.

It's not as though they have rejected Melnyk. Melnyk is the one giving the CFL the finger.

Hunt has always said that Lansdowne Live would be able to house soccer as well. If you look at the artwork done for it, one of the shots of field has a soccer ball in the middle of it.

Melnyk wants no part of that. He want to have his fields near the stadium where the Sens play and because MLS dictates that the stadium must be soccer-specific, Melnyk has no interest in catering to the CFL.

I agree, but because the CFL needs Melnyk more than he needs them (i.e. not at all), I just hope Cohon has had Melnyk on his speed dial.

Sadly, from what I heard yesterday, it does indeed look like Melnyk gave the CFL...or at least the Hunt group...the finger.

Maybe they can get on the MLS bandwagon elsewhere, 'cause it looks to me like they're on the fast track.

Here's Melnyk's site, sort of like landsdowne live.

I'll never get on the MLS bandwagon, I don't like watching soccer. If the CFL goes down the tubes,here in Hamilton I'll get season tickets for the McMaster Mauraders and maybe also for the Western Mustangs and follow American football more and more. Soccer won't fill my void for gridiron football, that's for sure.

Sorry Yukoner.
No level of government is going to pitch in to build a fancy soccer only facility for an MLS team.
And whats all this talk about the MLS being so huge here?
TV ratings for Toronot FC on CBC are horrible. Even the Raptors beat them.
So what a guy like Melnyk wants a soccer team for Ottawa.
In my books its doomed to failure.
And what nerve the MLS has of telling us what type of stadiums we can build in this country.
Anybody who thinks the MLS is bigger then, or will be bigger then the CFL in CAnada has rocks in their head.

Im a huge deabat on a facebook group on what is bigger... want to help me out lol.

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Could this be a reversal of what we saw from the CFL in the mid 90's? When the CFL was desperate for money they took any money they could get from 2nd and 3rd tier American cities. Now the MLS, who has been turned away from a few cities because their expansion fee is to high, is turning to second tier Canadian cities. They won't relower their expansion fee, because that would hurt their pride. I could be completely off on this, but that's what it looks like to me.

No question chris, they're scratchin that's for sure. Melnyk needs to build a sports pseudotown in Kanata with hockey and soccer. Hey, if he thinks soccer can work and can get the city to give money for it, all the power to him I guess.

Why do you think that Hockey is more popular than the CFL? is it because its a better, is it because always on TV no....its because way back when it was popular with young kids and grass-roots communities, so much so that its become part of our national pride. What does this have to do with soccer?

  1. Soccer is the most participated sport in Canada and has a huge following in Toronto. Yes i know that TFC's ratings on CBC arent the greatest but it is CBC and TFC makes a killing at the gate (which is wear alll pro teams make their money unless your the NFL)

  2. Kids arently playing hockey in the streets anymore, every small town doesnt have a rink or a hockey team. Soccer is gaining popularity to the point where people (with the financial and business meens) are starting to invest time and money into feasable franchises.

  3. Oh and if Ottawa is such a 3rd teir city (not my opinion) why is everyone so adamant about getting a team back there?

Expansion isn't based on oh this city is good we'll move there. You need an owner, facility and community support to build a team there. If expansion was easy....LA would have an NFL team, Vegas and KC would have an NHL team, San Jose an NBA team and Colombus/Clevland an MLB team