CFL Ottawa to unveil name and logo June 8th!

Exciting times in the CFL even if you aren't an Ottawa football fan. The Ottawa group is set to unveil the name and logo in a prospective season ticket holder event on June 8. Congrats, Ottawa.

Little more info on

What strikes me about this is that it's being held in a building built by one of the members of OSEG about 18 months ago. It's made specifically for trade shows and such.

With the Renegades, they announced the name and logo at halftime of a lacrosse game held at what is now Scotiabank place. They revealed the uniforms a few months later in front of a sporting goods store in a shopping mall.

So once again, OSEG's method appears just a bit more big time and professional. I may hate the name that they appear to have chosen, but at least the presentation is right.

Logo is already out

Time will tell.
That looks like dmont made it.

And is better than many of those under consideration.

I'm still hoping that MS Paint, rotary saw blade looking, designed by a 10 year old looking logo is a hoax. Hoping the same thing for the name too. We won't know for sure until the 8th. Crossing my fingers these "reports" are false. If they're going with a colour themed name why not the Rouge et Noir? I know its the same thing but the french way sounds much better.

Considering how terrible the name is, if that logo is offered to me as an option or I get to see what OSEG has under "door #2", I take that one. It's not ridiculously detailed and I can imagine that it would look quite all right on a black helmet. It's traditional but still has a little style. Good enough, lock it up. :thup:

For what it's worth: ... ogos-here/

Really disappointed with both the name and the logo…

Thanks... or ouch... depending on how you meant that comment :wink:

It's a little underwhelming, but I don't think that's the biggest problem. Is anyone else seeing a strong resemblance to the Argonauts' logo? White letter, in a circle, with a ring around the inside? Also, not the best colour scheme for a helmet decal. A lot of black on black.

Not a stunner, but it could have been much much worse.

Now to see if they go with the stupid camelCase "RedBlacks" or a more sensible "Red Blacks" or "Redblacks".

I dont mind it, for me its not so much the logo, but the uniform. I hope they still go with a classic similar look to the Rough Riders uniform in the 70's. I think with the logo it will be just a new style R on the helmet, and that would look cool.

Still loving the name RedBlacks, and okay with the logo! Go RedBlacks Go! Unbeaten in 2013!! 8)

Traditional look to the R; :thup: cool [old school] feature

I would have prefered the traditional R in a saw blade, but this one is close enough, i suppose.
I also like it without the red:

Unfortunately, I don't speak french but I do know that the word "et" means "and", so I have to wonder why the french version of "RedBlacks" is "Rouge Et Noire". Doesn't Rouge Et Noire translate to Red and Blacks? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong!

I like it, the name is out of the norm and it should be a great merchandise draw.

Not a huge fan of the name personally, seems more like a rugby or soccer name, like the New Zealand All Blacks. Then again, since footballs roots are in rugby maybe it is appropriate. Not sure if I like the word red in grey like drummer_god proposed. Maybe if they reversed the colours of the names, made the word red in black and vice versa, just to screw with your mind. Just kidding. The R is reminiscent of the old Rough Riders helmet logo and is a nice touch. I think the logo moreso than the name will sell merchandise.

hate the name but their version of the iconic R in the Rough Rider days is impressive. Still not sure why they need a sawblade around it though. Is a Redblack some kind of lumberjack or sawmill worker or something?


Ottawa has just revealed their alternate logo as shown below:

I'm guessing they don't mean the redblack binary tree computer stuff that comes up when you goggle it, or when I googled it anyways. Maybe they are referencing the stereotypical red and black lumberjack jacket? Probably a nod to the lumberjacks in the Ottawa Valley in the 19th and 20th centuries? (no, I'm not that much of a historian, just found a book titled "Lumber Kings and Shantymen: Logging and Lumbering in the Ottawa Valley"). If that is the reference, I vote some form of this guy as the mascot,_Legendary_Figure_of_the_Ottawa_Valley.html