The city of Ottawa seems to not want the CFL anymore, and I wonder if there will be football in the nation's capital again? If the stadium gets torn down, it will pretty much be over, and it will be a sad day in Ottawa if that happens. I drove 2 days to see a Renegade game, and really enjoyed myself there. Watched the Gades beat the Ti-Cats, and watched as the War=Amps ad was being taped at halftime! It's sad to see that everything has gone to pot, as potential owners started dropping off, and football fans in Ottawa see things fall further down the hole. If football fans in Ottawa really want to see a team, thay have to take the bull by the horns and start a grass roots campaign to keep the dream alive!

You don't live here, do you live here?
The fans wanted to try to save the team before they folded and the league said no.

I don't even think they said that much.

I should try to find the article by Matt Sekeres from the day after. He explains trying to get a word from these guys and what his own experience was. It goes to show how professional some of these guys were that day.

I do not believed you. Ottawa will be back some day.
I’m a season ticket olders since 1988 and I know that Ottawa is a very good city of football.

hey, I was weaned on the Ottawa RoughRiders, Russ Jackson the greatest QB ever, Vic Washington runningback... they were good times, watching Jackson scamper out of the pocket and launch a long bomb for a TD...


CFL Back in Ottawa? Josh Pringle with Norman Jack Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mayor Larry O'Brien is hinting the City of Ottawa could be looking for a new CFL franchise.

O'Brien told reporters a group of business people have approached the Mayor's Office to discuss reviving a CFL franchise here in the capital.

The Globe and Mail reports CFL Commissioner Mark Cohon had discussions with the Mayor and a potential CFL investment group.

Cohon says he is following the debate surrounding the future of Frank Clair Stadium.

O'Brien says the group may go public with its bid, within a week.

The Mayor described the prospective team owners as being local with "deep pockets."

All this has been speeded up by the structural problems found on the south side of Frank Clair Stadium last month.

I am a long-time CFL and Ottawa football fan. I really miss going to the games. As the saying goes, you never really appreciate something until it's gone.

:( I don't want to get my hopes up yet about a revived team. The municipal politicians in Ottawa and their big real estate developer friends seem to think that Ottawa needs more condos - not a revived football team and refurbished stadium. How short-sighted can you get?

Canadians, especially young Canadians, need to become more interested in sports and physical activity in general, not less.

Reb, what are you talking about? The politicians with real estate developer friends are the ones who DO want football here and are looking to rebuild the stadium.

Chin up, bud!


The Mayor of Ottawa is in this Brian Williams report who will listen what Jeff and the ownership group will do... Zero cost to Taxpayer... Turn the park (an expense to taxpayers) over to this group and lets schedule kickoff.

Good luck getting your team. I hope things work out and Ottawa is a CFL city

There was a campain started some 60,0000 fans did sign up.The league for what ever reason shut there dreams and hopes down.

60,000?? I really hope I’m wrong, but that sounds like a few too many to be true.

It almost sounds like (at least some) politicians are in favour of redeveloping the falling-down portion of Frank Claire, privatizing it, etc. It sounds like the will is there, for sure. But I’m nervous that this will just end up as another instance of Ottawa and CFL fans being led on. There have been promising reports before … it’s hard not to be sceptical. But Jeff Hunt et al would be a fantastic ownership group, so here’s hoping everyone gets on board. It is pretty convenient timing - Grey Cup is coming up, along with the State of the League address …

I don’t think you live here so you don’t know whats going on.There is a campaign that has been getting stronger and stronger.The city does want cfl football and everyone is trying to work something out.As for owners dropping off again that is not true.As of now there is 6 ownership group interested.

As a CFL fan i sure hope your right and that one day ottowa holds a very strong and successfull team!

Congrats there guys and gals, seems you guys are back in the fold soon!!

Ottawa Back in CFL Hunt

67's owner reportedly close to deal for expansion football franchise

By The Canadian Press

The CFL is close to completing a deal that would award a conditional expansion franchise to a group led by Ottawa 67’s owner Jeff Hunt, a report says.

The intention would be to have the team begin play in 2010, according to The Globe and Mail.

The deal, which has been in the works for months, was close to completion in recent days and the league had hoped to make an announcement in Ottawa this week

However, that plan was put off when the sides decided they needed more time to complete some details in a letter of intent for the CFL’s ninth franchise to be bought by Hunt and his partners, local developers Roger Greenberg, John Ruddy and William Shenkman.

The deal would be contingent on Hunt’s group securing an arrangement to utilize Frank Clair Stadium at Lansdowne Park, a complex slated for redevelopment after the southside stands were condemned last fall.

“We are in the middle of a confidential process and I can’t comment,? Hunt told The Globe.

While Hunt and the CFL still have some work to do, the major hurdles have been overcome and both sides are apparently confident the final details can be ironed out.