CFL organizing flights for Grey Cup

Looks like the CFL doesn’t want any of the great Saskatchewan fans at the Grey Cup in Hamilton by not arranging for the Swoop flights to at least stop in Regina or Saskatoon. You could have organized another airline if Swoop wasn’t willing to accommodate this. Big mistake by the league excluding some of the best fans in the league. Or have you got something else up your sleeve for Sask fans that you haven't announced yet?

You can take Swoop from Regina to Edmonton to Hamilton
Swoop does not fly out of

Swoop is a sponsor, an advertiser nothing nothing more

The league is not going to arrange which airports they flyout of!


It was actually me that drove out to swoop at Hamilton airport and suggested that Hamilton be a Rider fan free grey cup. Glad they took my suggestion.

If you don’t want Rider fans there then the CFL would likely fold as we travel everywhere to watch good football. You can’t say the same for the eastern teams which have 10 times the population and a small percentage of attendance unless your particular team happens to be winning.

I believe that would be the Bombers responsibility to keep Saskatchewan away from Hamilton.


Thank you for demonstrating why I feel the way I do on the matter.

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Oh please!

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Or you could take another airline that flies into Toronto, then drive 45 minutes to Hamilton.

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Then youd think the great fans would find another way to Hamilton.

Too bad there's no other airports nearby...

It shouldn't surprise anyone the league and organizers will do all they can to keep the crowds and partying to a minimum

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Conspiracy or not? Toronto loses their QB. Hamilton plays Toronto and is also hosting the 'Cup.

I think you got the conspiracy wrong.

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It's got Jon Gruden-like ousting written all over it to me, in my opinion.